Top 5 Rising Artists of 2022

Top Rising Artists

Quite simply, the Rising Artist Category is our list of musicians we think are going to take the next step in 2023.  These are our picks for the rappers who are next up, positioned to make big noise and experience exponential growth. Within this list you’ll find a variety of styles, approaches and sounds.  The common thread is unlimited potential.  You’ll definitely see some of these names on future playlist updates. Here are our top five Rising Artists of 2021.

5.) Ahmad Anonomis 

Anonimis dropped one of our favorite singles this year, with vibey and sultry single Can’t Wake Up.  Other top releases in 2022 included Get Back and Idle.  The Atlanta area artist’s blends elements of R&B and hip hop into cohesive tracks with fire flow and tight punchlines. 

2022 saw Ahmad Anonomis build on his momentum from 2021, which included a feature on Pigeons & PLanes as Best New Artist alongside SoFaygo and SSGKobe.  Anonomis kept his buzz high this year, while certainly keeping fans hungry for a new project.  We’re expecting a huge 2023 from number five on our rising artists list, with his immense potential as a platform for extreme growth.  

Favorite 2022 Quote: “Work out these bodies of work with this wordplay/I heard they old spice but I sprayed Axe/This ain’t my second or first day or Thursday/Laughing at them, week that I came back.”  – Can’t Wake Up 

4.) Twelve’Len 

While it was a relatively light year in the release department from South Florida artist Twelve’Len, what he did drop, he made count.  Better was one of 2022’s best R&B releases, with its haunting hook, and dynamic storytelling.  

As impressive as his lone 2022 release were Twelve’s moves off the streaming platforms.  His successes this year include a song placement on Issa Rae’s acclaimed series Rap Sh!t, and a performance appearance alongside Denzel Curry to perform the tandem’s hit single BLACK BALLOONS.  Twelve’Len has also teased a second placement on film They Cloned, Tyrone starring Jamie Foxx, which is projected to come out early 2023.  

Favorite 2022 Quote:  “It feel like Sunday service, sunshine through curtains./I’ve been working. To make it all better. Cause when I oh./I was hurtin’, they was all sleeping, I kept working. To make it all better.” Better 

3.) Malik Elijah 

2022 began with a torrent of releases from MD emcee Malik Elijah.  He captivated us with singles like BEAMMEUP & WIPEMEDOWN, capping those early performances off with album Detour, which was number 2 on our Top 10 Indie Releases list.  

Fire wordplay, and vibrant beat selection sit at Elijah’s core, and his ability to body quality beats with true potency are signs of an artist more than ready to take further steps up in 2023.  This year saw Malik Elijah open for EARTHGANG and Mike Dimes, and feature prevelantly in top media outlets associated with rising artists.  One can expect similar growth from Elijah in 2023, which will certainly cement his place among the best the game has to offer.  

Favorite 2022 Quote: “Dirtied up the kicks, don’t give a shit, could get some new ones/No disrespect to Hov, but I’ma take the dinero/I got this gold on my neck, it make me feel like a pharaoh.” DONTPLAY

2.) grouptherapy. 

EP Truth Be Told was grouptherapy.’s watermark release of 2022, but their single strategy following the release was equally impressive.  The LA collective dropped a series of singles that spotlighted each of their three members, showcasing their individual talents as well as their prowess as a group.  From TJOnline centric Untitled, to Jadagrace’s Brand New, to SWIM’s Big Steppa, each artist showed their personal power, as well as the power of the collective on the whole.  

From critical acclaim, to sold out shows, every sign points toward continued growth from this dynamic group of former child-actors turned recording artists.  And the power of Truth Be Told lies central to that progression, and cemented grouptherapy. in our rising artists list.  

Favorite 2022 Quote: “I am not a child actor/I’m the wow factor/I’ll smack ya/block n*gga alpaca/pop n*gga think they hot till I drop after.” Risky 

1.) Blvck Svm 

It’s hard to continue finding new ways to express the enigmatic talents of Blvck Svm, and his ascension in 2022.  When legendary work ethic, and immense talent meet, the result is something special.  And that’s an understatement when discussing Svm’s year.  

It would be shortsighted to define Svm’s year by mangalica mink alone, but the early December EP was so well crafted it becomes challenging to look past it.  Doing so would be ignoring earlier singles such as brackish, pedro99 and EP fiftypercentgratuity, which were in our regular rotation this year as well.  The scariest part is, Svm is still rapidly improving.  Not only as an artist, but at marketing himself.  At presenting his music to a wider range of potential and future fans.  It’s hard to imagine a 2023 in which Blvck Svm does not propel himself into the national spotlight.  We’re betting on it.  And you should be too.  

Favorite 2022 Quote: “The cloth I’m cut from is sewn/With thread imported from region unknown/The cotton sustainably grown/Essentially I’m in a league of my own.” – mercurymorris

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