Jack Carenza - December 18, 2022

Kota the Friend, Fltbys Thrive Down Under

After rescheduling his FOTO tour in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Kota the Friend finally reconnected with fans in Australia and New Zealand.  The 2022 Flight Night Music Festival concluded with a bang, as both nations embraced fltbys & Kota with hospitality and enthusiasm.  

The tour began with stops in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, three recently increased capacity venues packed to breaking point for a chance to see the Brooklyn-born, independent star.  


Kota did not disappoint, treating fans to his broad performance discography, and intimate stage presence.  As the crowds continue to rise in numbers, Kota raises the bar on performance levels. Always finding new and engaging ways to connect with his fans.  With a nice balance of newer tracks from his most recent album, Memo, and from library classics such as Colorado, Long Beach, and ‘93 Bulls, fltbys founder gave fans a taste of the music they might have gotten in 2021 and more recent numbers.

As always, Kota was supported by long-time DJ and producer e madonna.  The DJ brought legendary energy, and emphatic pre-set mixes, always guaranteed to work crowds into a frenzy.  

Following shows in Australia, Kota and friends put on two more dope shows in New Zealand.  First, at Wolly Mammoth in Brisbane on December 10th before a raucous crowd.  And second, in Auckland, on December 13th at The Tuning Fork.  

Flight Night Music Festival, in Australia and New Zealand, was the cherry on top of a year that saw fltbys give close to 50 independent artists an illustrious platform to share their talents with the world.  And for Kota the Friend to solidify himself as one of the most impactful, independent hip-hop acts of all time.