Jack Carenza - December 15, 2022

The Alchemist Enlists Emcees MIKE, Wiki on EP ‘One More’

Few projects of 2022 embody the soul of NYC better than The Alchemist’s newest release. One More, which dropped in late November uses a brief, three-track dynamic to exemplify the versatility of the legendary producer, and his running mates MIKE & Wiki

While The Alchemist is generally associated with more widely known commodities (including work this year with Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y, and more), he has a history of lending his production to emerging emcees with great promise. That penchant holds true on One More, where MIKE and Wiki demonstrate unmistakable finesse on the mic.  

The connective tissue of the EP is the pulse of New York.  One More’s music video sees the trio right at home in the city that forged their talent.   And the music itself parallels the identity of hip-hop’s mecca.  The project also serves as a promotional tool for a fashion release from Tommy Hilfiger and Patta.  

The Alchemist – One More

It’s hardly a surprise that the production value of One More is off the charts.  From the soulful, steady chops of the title track, to the grimy drive of Be Realistic, to the ethereal strings of Odd Waves, each cut shows a different side of the producer, a separate element of his city.  

Be Realistic serves as Wiki’s expose, illustrating the lyrical talents of the prolific emcee. New York City raised, Wiki earned his stripes in the city, but has taken that talent overseas, where he’s found great success in London.  His connections with UK statesmen such as Skepta and Luna City are a testament to his talent on the mic.  Talent which shines through throughout this project.  

Wiki’s old-school delivery and steady flow mesh wonderfully with Alc’s production. He sticks to a punch-line approach to lyricism on the joint, with some real heavy-hitting bars.  “Yeah, y’all A.I, artificial intelligence/Silicone valley straight sellin’ shit/Fake same as the silicone in their tits/Everything I ever sold as real as it gets.”  

MIKE’s solo endeavor comes in the form of track three, Odd Ways.  His patented brassy vocals and measured delivery beg for instrumentals like this one, and MIKE makes the most of the opportunity.  

The crown jewel of the EP though has to be the title track.  One More sees the emcees trade verses with uncanny chemistry.  Backed by a beat that shows why The Alchemist is widely considered one of the top producers of all time.