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KRS-One To Afrika Bambaataa Critics: ÔÇ£Quit Hip-HopÔÇØ [Video]

New York rap veteran KRS-One recently shared his thoughts on the controversy surrounding hip-hop icon Afrika Bambaataa and why critics should seriously reconsider their interest in the genre.

In a new interview, KRS explained why Bambaataa’s contributions to hip-hop make him iconic despite being recently accused of past child molestation incidents.

ÔÇ£When youÔÇÖre talking about Afrika Bambaataa, first of all, youÔÇÖre talking about the person who invented hip-hop. Not participated in it. There was no hip-hop before Afrika Bambaataa. LetÔÇÖs start there. So anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit hip-hop.ÔÇØ

In mid-May, Bambaataa denied the graphic sexual accusations.

“I never abused nobody. It just sounds crazy to people to say that, hear ‘you abused me.’ You know my thing is you know all my people back then, you know the hundreds of people that been around me. If something like that happened, why you never went to none of them?” (Fox 5)

A week prior, Zulu Nation announced its removal and distance from Afrika.

BambaataaÔÇÖs lawyer, Charles Tucker, blasted the decision as a public relations move. Certain members pressured Bambaataa to take some type of public action because they fear funding for Zulu Nation programs will dry up. Zulu Nation said its changes include “providing support for victims of abuse, rape and molestation and working more closely on other social issues existing in communities such as drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health,” the group said. (New York Daily News)

Earlier this year, former bodyguard Lord Sharif put Bambaataa’s past alleged habits on blast.

“He’s a f*cking pedophile and this is coming from his former bodyguard,” Lord Shariyf. “Absolutely. This is a well-known fact in the Zulu Nation. In the inner circle. Me being his former bodyguard – there were many instances where I saw young boys in and out of his room – I hope my homebody [name not given] is listening because he was one of those young boys who Bambaataa had come to his house.” (Shot 97)

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KRS-One To Afrika Bambaataa Critics: ÔÇ£Quit Hip-HopÔÇØ [Video] : SOHH