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Max B Stays Wavy, Turns Into A “Speed God”

Fans of jailed rapper Max B now have the chance to get wavy with him. Bad Boy Entertainment’s French Montana has revealed his longtime pal is now featured in his Speed Gods mobile game.

This week, Montana tossed up a shot of a digital Max in his must-play app on Instagram.

A few days ago, Dipset leader Cam’ron reacted to buzz about Max B receiving a reduction in his 75-year jail term.

According to the latest reports, a judge reduced Max’s original 75-year jail sentence to 20 last Friday (September 16) in a New Jersey courtroom.

Citing a conflict of interest on the part of one of Max B’s former defense attorneys, a state Superior Court judge earlier this summer vacated the prior convictions against the rapper, whose given name is Charly Wingate, and allowed him to plead guilty to one count of aggravated manslaughter. Then, on Friday, Superior Court Judge James J. Guida sentenced Wingate to 20 years. Based on time served, he could be out of prison as soon as 2025. (North Jersey)

Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa has expressed his excitement over Max’s long-awaited return.

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