Jack Carenza - June 25, 2023

Maximizing Royalties with SoundExchange & Songtrust

Royalties, licensing, and publishing seem to be some of the most daunting words when it comes to the business side of music. Artists are always shook when we talk to them about these topics, and frankly, they shouldn’t be. It’s pretty simple actually: if you’re trying to get paid, and protect your rights as an artist, a basic understanding of these subjects is necessary. But if the business side isn’t your cup of lean, SoundExchange & Songtrust are a great place to start.

SoundExchange: Collecting Digital Performance Royalties

soundexchange royalty

SoundExchange is a non-profit organization that exists, so you can get paid! It acts as a centralized collecting society for digital performance royalties, ensuring that artists, labels, and rights holders receive fair compensation for the use of their music on digital platforms such as Pandora, SiriusXM, and internet radio stations.

Signing up for SoundExchange allows independent artists to claim their royalties for non-interactive digital performances. These royalties are generated through services that rely on statutory licenses. Without SoundExchange, many artists would miss out on these earnings. By registering with SoundExchange, artists can ensure their music is properly tracked, licensed, and monetized.

Also, SoundExchange also offers valuable services beyond royalty collection. It provides education and resources to help artists understand the intricacies of digital music distribution and licensing. Organizationally, it advocates for fair policies and legislation that protect artists’ rights and financial interests.

Songtrust: Simplifying Global Music Publishing

SongTrust Royalty

Songtrust is a leading global music publishing administrator that empowers independent artists to collect publishing royalties effectively. Publishing royalties can be complex to manage, especially for artists who may not have access to a dedicated publishing team. Songtrust simplifies this process by providing an intuitive platform for song registration, royalty collection, and licensing.

By signing up for Songtrust, independent artists can ensure that they receive royalties from various sources, including mechanical licenses, synch licenses, and performance royalties from international territories. The platform has a vast network of publishing partners and sub-publishers worldwide, enabling artists to maximize their revenue potential on a global scale.

Songtrust also offers educational resources, including webinars and articles, to educate artists about the publishing landscape. It provides valuable insights into copyright, metadata management, and royalty tracking, empowering artists to protect their intellectual property and monetize their music effectively.

How SoundExchange and Songtrust Work Together

While SoundExchange and Songtrust serve different purposes, they complement each other in empowering independent artists. By signing up for both platforms, artists can cover a broader spectrum of revenue streams and ensure comprehensive royalty collection.

SoundExchange focuses on digital performance royalties, ensuring artists receive compensation for their music’s usage on digital platforms. In contrast, Songtrust focuses on publishing royalties, covering mechanical licenses, synchronization licenses, and international performance royalties. By using both platforms, independent artists can maximize their earnings and have a more holistic understanding of their revenue sources.