Jack Carenza - January 23, 2023

DC Artist Neptune XXI Releases Album Single, ‘Patience’

Northeast DC recording artist and Flight Night standout Neptune XXI dropped single Patience this Saturday.  The first release from her upcoming album HEAL (Helping Everyone Acquire Love), Patience exhibits Neptune’s diverse vocal range and vivid songwriting. HEAL is available for purchase on bandcamp now, and will appear track-by-track on streaming services throughout the next month.  

Patience is the first single as I begin the rollout for my debut studio album H.E.A.L.  It’s a 12-track album full of many gems that reflect my healing journey and the lessons I’ve been learning.” Neptune XXI     

With its uplifting energy and optimistic outlook, Patience is the perfect single to tease the forthcoming project.  Through melodic repetition, colorful harmonies, and memorable rifts, Neptune portrays the lucid, circling thoughts we all have at our lows.  Subsequently converting those negative thoughts into encouraging ones. 

Patience got me into my mind…

Using luscious vocal layering and a typically introspective pen, Neptune successfully imitates the kind of conversation we often have internally.  Lyrically, the track functions almost as daily affirmations should.  Rather than focus on the negatives of a challenging day, Neptune pours her energy into where she wants to be tomorrow. A practice we could all benefit from.

“Down on my luck but I’m contemplating where I want to be./could use some comforting, I’m doing my best, but some days it seem I had enough of it./ Blessings in front of me, they say ‘trust the journey’ I’m trusting, I’m trusting with all of me.”    

Some days are hard.  But Neptune XXI understands that even through those challenging times, she can not lose focus on her bigger goals.  True fans of Neptune XXI will be quick to draw connections from Patience to 2021 hit Out of Patience, which is a more pensive and wistful take on a similar subject matter.  Artistic growth and personal development are connected.  Through these two songs, Neptune shows that she is better equipped to handle disappointment with a positive mindset.  With a singular focus on her goals.  

Born in Washington, DC, and representing the DMV, Neptune XXI uses the diverse musical fabric of the places she’s called home (including DC, Miami, and Philadelphia) to develop an artistic canvas rich with tradition. Perceptive language and incisive writing are central to Neptune’s creative identity.  In her case, music is the chosen platform for an artist who should truly be classified as a poet.  Neptune uses superb versatility in delivery, vocal style, and soulful instrumentation to further elevate her sophisticated lyrical prowess.