Jack Carenza - January 20, 2023

Ajna Powers Past Loss on New Single, Video ‘Love Me Right Now’

Westside LA lyricist Ajna is back, with his first offering of 2023, Love Me Right Now. The new single offers yet another glimpse into Ajna’s personal misfortune.  And more importantly, the resilience he finds through his art.  

Bolstering the new joint’s heartfelt message is a powerful music video, directed and edited by Jaxon Buzzell of modrNation.  The visuals quite literally put the spotlight on the artist.  In varying cuts shot in darkness, Ajna is the light that shines through.  A strong ocular metaphor for Love Me Right Now’s message.  

Love Me Right Now, please don’t love me when I leave… 

“I can’t forget the past, because the past made me, me,” intones Ajna on the track’s sincere hook.  A notion that remains central to his identity as a songwriter.  While Ajna understands the importance of moving forward and embracing his growing stardom, he uses personal tragedy to power that upward momentum.  

From a lyrical standpoint, Love Me Right Now, does a masterful job of moving from broad themes to specific details.  Ajna outlines the struggles of an independent artist, and then thanks the people who have powered his career with a clever punchline.  He mentions the pain of personal losses and touches on the passing of his father, among others. This is a clever writing tactic and one that Ajna has clearly mastered. He provides an emotional talking point that all listeners can relate to.  And then ties it back to his own journey.  

Good music, just like good writing, is all about earned emotion.  The advantage of music is the sonic contributions to that emotion.  Through earnest delivery and an emotionally charged instrumental, Ajna adds weight to his words which are already quite powerful. And the music video only enriches that experience.  

Just weeks after his 2022 album Lifelines was named to our Top Ten Indie Releases of 2022 list, Ajna has already made a strong contribution to 2023.  As his acclaim continues to build, be sure to keep an eye out for more fire drops soon from this auspicious young talent.