LA Emcee Ajna Drops Single ‘Fall So Fast’

Los Angeles emcee Ajna has released Fall So Fast, the first single from upcoming album Lifelines. A family affair, this newest track was co-produced with, and features Ajna’s cousin Q.   Fall So Fast also features lovely vocals from Ajna’s close friend, singer Angelina.

Ajna has been riding high since he opened for Kota the Friend at sold-out Flight Night Los Angeles.  Ajna spit hot fire the night of the show and impressed a hungry crowd with lyricism and stage presence. Moreover, a month ago he released a fire single, Just a Man, which was unfortunately removed from streaming services due to sample clearance issues.

Fall So Fast

Fall So Fast explores themes of falling deeply in love with someone who is not committed to making the relationship work. Over trademark sample flips, and high-energy drums, Ajna’s bars are emotion-packed, and honest, digging deep into the specific details of a failed relationship.  The track comes full circle with a passionate hook, where the rich vocals of Q blend with Angelina’s serene singing.  “Baby you, you pick me up and let me down/so tell me why, you let me fall so fast.”

Ajna’s approach to the beat is particularly impressive, as he pays a great deal of attention to pacing.  He utilizes natural space in the beat, to allow flows to come across as natural and unforced.  This adds both weight and significance to every word, ensuring the powerful messages of loss are easy to grasp.  He is sure to use all of the space offered by the instrumental and maneuvers it with confidence and poise.

Photo Credit: Jaxon Buzzell (modrnation)

Fall So Fast is one of those tracks that came together effortlessly, according to Ajna. “The sample immediately caught my ear, and Q sent me the beat and hook soon after.  From there, we worked (the track) out into what it is now.”  If Fall So Fast is any indication of the rest of the album, fans are in for a real treat with Lifelines.   

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