Marcellus Juvann, Xavier Top Floor Unleash New Bangers

Xavier Top Floor

No true hip-hop fan has ever doubted the supreme talents of Houston rapper Marcellus Juvann.  An appearance on VH1’s “Signed” in 2017 propelled the Cleveland-born emcee to a national audience.  But this was no moment in the sun, or a TV appearance predicated on a viral personality.  Marcellus was there on talent.  Talent that captured the attention of R&B legend The Dream.  

Xavier Top Floor’s path to stardom was built on a different foundation.  The Nigerian-born, California-based recording artist has leveraged a number of high-profile sync placements to push his music forward.  With songs appearing on  Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t, NBA2K, ESPN and Fox, X seems poised to make a giant leap forward in 2023.  

Both Xavier Top Floor and Marcellus Juvann dropped fire new joints last week.  And if these releases indicate what the new year has in store, keep both eyes on these blossoming talents.  

 Marcellus Juvann – System

From a pure “this song slaps” perspective, this might be our favorite drop of 2023 so far.  Energetic, up-tempo, and 808 forward, System’s beat provides Juvann a perfect platform to exhibit his measured flow and heady lyricism.  With just the right amount of bounce on the hook, this joint is equal parts catchy and motivational.  

‘Cel’l has a long history of offering tidbits of inspiration to his son through his wordplay. One of the more powerful lyrical segments of System follows this trend. “We was broke, my dad used to tell me no./Now we blessed I tell  my son get it now./And if you want it, you gotta work for it/Ain’t no handouts bro you gone be waiting for it.”  

If System is any indication of the year Marcellus Juvann is putting together, we have a lot to look forward to.  

Xavier Top Floor – The View From Up Here 

Following a dope sync placement in Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t with track Confetti from 2021 Album Hackers 2, Xavier Top Floor is back.  This time with a colorful double single titled The View From Up Here.  

Featuring steady banger Dell Curry and introspective hit The Credits, Xavier Top Floor shows his versatility and personal growth that music has gifted him with.  

“I come from a small desolate town where there’s not a lot of hope. There’s no elevators or two story buildings within city limits. I’ve always had to take the stairs of life, which can cause the path to take a little longer. Although we aren’t at the peak of the mountain, we’re closer than we were the day before. The View From Up Here represents the journey we on in all facets of life.” – Xavier Top Floor

With rich hooks, dynamic instrumentation and strong songwriting, The View From Up Here exemplifies the talents of a promising young emcee, with an unquestionably bright future.  

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