Cordae, Anderson .Paak Reunite on ‘Two Tens’

Two Tens Cordae Anderson .Paak

Cordae and Anderson .Paak have joined forces once again, this time on smooth and vibrant single Two Tens.  Following the recipe of 2019 hit RNP from Cordae’s debut album The Lost Boy, Two Tens is another seamless fusion of R&B and hip-hop from two clear fan favorite artists.  

Propelled by smooth beats, clever wordplay and uncanny musical chemistry, the tandem of .Paak and Cordae is becoming a true rhapsodical force.  Two Ten’s funk-influenced bass line provides a scintillating canvas (produced by J.Cole) for .Paak’s soaring, soulful vocals and Cordae’s rich lyrics, which as always are rich with pop culture references.     

Lyrically, Two Tens back and forth style shows Anderson .Paak basking in the glory of fine women, while Cordae wonders aloud whether the efforts to entice these women is worth the struggle.  This banter ends with a hilarious conclusion in which Cordae spits.  “Man, I’m kickin’ knowledge today, you gettin’ brolic today/Why you payin’ her son’s tuition?” To which .Paak replies: “’Cause I’m his father today”

Check out the duo’s vivid music video which drives home this conversation.  

Following mixed reviews on his sophomore album From a Birds Eye View, it’s refreshing to see Cordae return to a proven formula.  It would be foolish to count him out based on one, subpar project.  His latest singles have all indicated a strong return to form.

Two Tens is a perfect blend of both artist’s unique style, and showcases their individual talents as both rappers and singers. It also reinforces the beautifully crafted back and forth style of RNP.  When Cordae and .Paak come together, it’s more like a screenplay or a skit than a rap song.  That refreshing dynamic has once again hit home on this fresh, new offering. 

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