Q&A With Rising Hip Hop Artist Snake Lucci

Much respect for reppin Omaha, NE and holding down the indie/underground music scene out there!┬á How long have you been in this underground Hip Hop game?┬á And how did you end up with the stage name “Snake Lucci”.

I’ve been sharpening my craft as a lyricist and recording since 2002 and created Snakehouse Records in 2004. I started out as Snake then coined the name Snake Lucci in 2011 because the name Snake Lucci is trademarked by another artist. Lucci means money and Snake Lucci sounded more marketable. I got the name Snake in high school for having long lanky arms being able to reach into pop machines. The name stuck.

How many fans do you have in the local community and surrounding areas, also do you adults or kids, maybe both lets say.  Please detail exactly who you  are targeting on a consistent basis when it come to your Hip Hop music.

As far as fans my whole city is behind me and I’m blowin’ up in the midwest region but reaching fans out west, down south, the east coast, plus latin america and the Philippians. My target audience is the young generation and grown. I’m really just aiming for those that appreciate lyricism and consciousness. I’m from the streets, but there’s more to me than that. I’m currently incarcerated for delivery of cocaine and been away for 8 years and on my way out the door now. I just make music people can relate to and try not to glorify the street shit like a lot of these fake rappers pretend to live.

Feel free to breakdown the creative process of your latest album ÔÇ£River City ReloadedÔÇØ. We really enjoyed this album btw… Its has a very heavy underground feel which our fans will love when they catch drift of this project.

The creative process of making River City Reloaded really was focusing on showcasing my lyrics being versatile switching it up so I usually just write and let it flow and add to it here and there.. When I’m in my zone I can just speed write and punch lines just come to me. When you listen close you will catch a lot of metaphors and puns. Instead of arranging it as an album I just put it together like it’s a mixtape but always on original beats. That’s what gives it that underground feel.

Who are your Hip Hop influences.

My hip hop influences in the game were Big L, Jay-Z, The lox, Tech n9ne, Bizzy Bone, Cassidy, Joe Budden, Eminem, Crooked I ( since he was with death row records), Wu-Tang, Twista, T-Nutty, Lil Wayne, and too many to name, but I still find myself inspired by newer artists like Drake, Logic, and definately Joey Bada$$.

Outside of Hip Hop, what are your favorite hobbies.┬á Also, how close are you to your family, it just seems like more and more MC’s are far distant from there loved ones and only care about themselves.┬á We are just asking…LOL

Outside of hip hop I’m a tattoo artist, I’m an author, I’m big into skateboarding, and believe it or not… heavy metal. I’m also a big supporter of NORML. As far as family I am all about my family and firm believer in family first.

How often do you perform live and/or tour.

Due to my incarceration I haven’t done shows since 2008, but I’ve done shows with Tech n9ne, Mike Jones, Hurricane Chris, Gucci Mane, and many others in Omaha Nebraska and the Des Moines area, but upon my release I will jump into my Kushfest Tour and Brainfest. I try to do at least 100 shows a year.

How do you feel about the new XXL Freshman Class 2016. Are they TRASH or not?

Unfortunately the state of mainstream hip hop┬áhas fallen short as far as wordplay and substance for the most part. Production these days is great but these rappers are too simple. I can’t speak on the XXL Freshman and come off as a hater all I can do is generalize the game as a whole. Last time I spoke on a rapper int he game was in that Tyga diss I did on the phone and the new one coming out soon on wax but dude asked for that.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

My definition of Underground HipHop is that grimey gritty music from teh soul, under-rated, sometimes unsigned, and uncontrolled by the corporate machine/ mainstream. Sometimes even misunderstood and not following gimmicky trends. Sometimes even saying fuck the radio.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Check out Snakehouserecords.com for free downloads also http://www.audiomack.com/album/snakehouserecords/river-city-reloaded and also http://www.datpiff.com/Snake-Lucci-River-City-Re-Loaded-Mixtape.787844.html

Lastly, and shout out?

Shout out to Arsonist, ISO,MCE, Frost, Hologram Digital Media, Prez, Jay, Telly Mac, Kornfed Productions, Free Cmrdr!!!!! Snake- River City available at Homer’s Music (402)502-1052 and CD Warehouse (402)486-0047 and have your copy shipped to you. Face Off Slowed and Throwed ( Chopped and Screwed) Tyga Diss, Face Off 2, Face Off 2 remix, and Savage Dreamz singles available on I-tunes August 2016!!!! Campaign- Savage Dreamz the album coming soon!!! Snake Lucci- Blackberry Kush album coming soon!!!! Thanks for all the love and support. Shout out to the whole Underground HipHop scene. Omaha we here!

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