Brooklyn’s Kenneth Cash Pairs Silky Vocals with Sleek Visuals on New Single “Patience”

Rising Brooklyn R&B artist Kenneth Cash has released his new single Patience. The third track in a serious of potent singles, Patience shrewdly considers the breaking point of being understanding in a relationship.

Even the most patient person has a limit, and Cash isolates that feeling with exactness, doing so over a smooth instrumental, and while merging components of R&B and hip hop.  Most impressively, the single was produced, written, recorded, and mixed by cash.  Certainly not a one trick pony.

This ability to be self-sufficient, and wear many hats has many benefits.  It allows Kenneth Cash to create instrumentals that are tailored for his vocals and make stylistic choices as an engineer that only the creator of a track would be able to hear.

While the elements of sound are all impressive, it would be ignorant to overlook the maturity of the song’s message, and the perfectly executed song writing that accompanied it.  Asked about the meaning behind his lyricism, Cash explained; “It’s a vicious situation, one that leads to resentment and forces you to ask, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ It just made me realize there’s a fine line between being patient and enabling damaging behavior.”

Our favorite songs are the ones where tone matches meaning, and Cash’s vocals, paired with the mood of the beat fit the lyrics like a glove.  With superb intonation and expressive emotion portrayed through sound, the vocal performance on Patience drives home the compelling message.

Like many artists, music was initially a form of therapy for Kenneth Cash. Tragedy struck when his strongest musical influence, his grandfather, passed away.  His grief, coupled with the uncertainty of a move to Dallas left him isolated and detached. Music proved to be the remedy.  Through countless hours of work, and drawing from a wide range of musical influences, Cash discovered two things: 1.) the healing power of music AND 2.) that he had a true gift.  As they say, the rest is history.

This powerful relationship with his art is transparent and leads to writing that is pure and authentic.  Something that started as therapeutic often remains so, even as talent level grows.  Cash’s music likely wouldn’t be as dynamic without genuine emotion, and he likely wouldn’t be as authentic without music.

Patience is available on all streaming services, and can also be found on YouTube, with a visually cinematic music video to match.

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by Jack Carenza

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