Jack Carenza - June 10, 2022

Tacoma Rapper Keys Open Doors Drops Dazzling New Single ‘Sip N Slide’

Since being named to our 2021 Breakout Rappers List, it’s been a quiet period for Tacoma Rapper Keys Open Doors.  Generally, radio silence from a creative person is a great sign, and that holds true with Key’s first release of 2022, Sip N Slide.  

Over groovy, West Coast chords, and a cool, jazzy atmosphere, ‘Sip N Slide’ sees Keys Open Doors exploring a seemingly casual relationship that is predicated on good energy, and fun times.  While painting a general picture that relations are low-key, there are hints that things mean more to both parties, with lines like “you know your mine still” and concluding with “try not to lose your mind.”Keys Open Doors Sip N Slide

While Sip N Slide does hold some memorable lyrics, it is truly an exhibition of Key’s versatility and style.  The track is smooth, clean and stylish with dope vocal layering and mixing.  The result is a song that literally bounces.  In an interview with Today’s Hip Hop back in January, Key’s Open Doors shared his goals for 2022.  

“I want to drop an incredible body of work this year. Something that will separate me from myself. I’m going to completely put myself out there and live with the results. More music, shows, interviews, all of it.”

Key’s vocal blend of R&B and Hip Hop lends itself beautifully to the smooth, jazzy aesthetics of the self-produced beat.  It portrays the excitement of a night out, while not shying away from the emotional aspects of a blossoming relationship.  Most of all, Keys delivery is impeccable, completely capturing the moment.  He shows off true versatility with gorgeous harmony, and wicked flow. 

Keys Open Doors has once again unlocked a sound that fans will find fun and memorable, with tons of replay value. Look for more from the Tacoma artist soon, as his camp shared another single is on the way.