Benny the Butcher Aids Buffalo Shooting Victims with ‘Welcome to the States’

Benny the Butcher has released a new song and video, Welcome to the States, in response to the May 14th racially motivated shooting at a Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, NY.  An 18 year old white supremacist took the lives of 10 victims, all of whom were black.  Benny has responded, with a single that portrays the continued attack on black people in America. Hip-hop again confronts the issues of gun control, and countless examples of murder as hate.  

Backed by the haunting instrumental of Kendrick Lamar’s We Cry Together, Welcome to the States is sharp, powerful and persuasive.  Benny speaks directly to white America, as the ‘grand jury’. Once again, politicians and laws have failed to protect black lives.  A Buffalo native, the Tana Talk rapper spits, “Mass shooting in my city, eight minutes from where my block at/Saw innocent people shot at a supermarket I shop at.”  Clearly, tragic events hit even harder when they transpire so close to home.  

Welcome to the States

Benny’s video uses black and white clips of grocery stores, U.S. communities, Washington DC, and The Klu Klux Klan. His incisive lyrical content only adds to the song’s power.

Welcome to the States’ Youtube video contains a gofundme link to Buffalo 5-14 Survivors Fund which will, “provide direct financial assistance to the survivors of the deceased and those directly affected by this tragedy.”  Additionally, Benny the Butcher released a limited edition ‘Pray for Buffalo’ T-Shirt.  100% of profits will be donated to the Buffalo 5-14 Survivors Fund

Benny took to social media on Monday to announce the single, and explain the purpose of his release. 

Benny the Butcher Welcome to the States

“PRAY FOR BUFFALO !!! I’m not no politician I’m jus an observer and ion like what I been seeing so call me a hypocrite or whatever but I’m gon speak out when I feel like I need to I spoke to my boy who lost his mom in the Tops shooting and he said none of the money collected for victims went to him…

buried his mom on his own flew his kids in on his own while they on TV talkin bout millions been donated. So the DA in charge of distributing the money ? I never heard of tht…being from Buffalo I deal with the REAL issues not that TV photo opp press statement shit…watch the full vid & Purchase a shirt by goin to the link in bio and kno the money goin where it needs to go” 

 The Buffalo, NY shooting was intentional. Executed by a White Supremist who traveled hundreds of miles to target a predominantly black community. According to to a 180 page manifesto, race was the motivating factor.  To date, there have been over 200 mass shootings in the United States in 2022 alone. 

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