admin - November 3, 2016

Joe Cyrus – “The Space Between Thoughts” Instrumental Album (Review)

Probably one of the most important and meaningful instrumental albums I have come across in a long time.  It’s not everyday when a talented producer goes through a huge transition in life.  Struggling through life’s ups and downs while moving from Pennsylvania to Portland Oregon, following life’s instincts.  Joe Cyrus’s “The Space Between Thoughts” album pretty much documents his journey in between coasts in the form of unique and original Hip Hop beats!  This 30 track instrumental album offers over 2 hrs of solid underground Hip Hop beats to enjoy, plenty to go around!  When was the last time you ran into a 30 track beat tape…Right??

The Space Between Thoughts by Joe Cyrus

Its more of a true experimental/Hip Hop beat project, you can really here his production range and versatility.  Joe Cyrus make REAL MUSIC, with beats like “Calling Me Again” possibly one of the most smoothest and relaxing Hip Hop beats I have ever heard!  It’s also a great beat album for any MC out there that wants to sharpen their skills over sick beats!  I can also see this album being enjoyed by other top-level producers, from producer for producers, if you know what I mean.  “Shin Dig” is another favorite of mine!  Can everyone please scope out this album!  Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Joe Cyrus – “The Space Between Thoughts” Instrumental Album (Review) : Underground Hip Hop Blog