admin - October 9, 2016

Buc Ballzy – “Fire & Ice” Album (Review)

Buc Ballzy drops this very impressive 15 track album titled “Fire & Ice“.  Produced by Mixxim Productions, these two LA based artists really are bringing back the real sound of West-Coast Hip Hop!  Most improtantly, they represent LA underground Hip Hop to the fullest.  This album is a mix of Suga-Free, Ice Cude and Dr Dre all combined, and its a real dope record to paly as your cruising the streets!  As you listen from front to back, you will notice songs like “Anything Goes“, “Stay Home” and my favorite track “Leeches“, all tracks that can litterly blow you away, finally hearing a brand new perspective of fresh West-Coast Hip Hop.  You cant compare Buc Ballzy to anybody in the LA scene, seems like everyone in LA raps now, so its good to finally hear someone that is raw and original!

Possibly the hardest track on this album is “Reparations“, his range lyrically and his wordplay has to be some of the hardest I’v heard in 2016!  We appreciate this album, laying it down for all West-Coast fans!  I love it when we get exposed to new artist’s, that we never heard of, and finding out they are real talents.  Just goes to show that Hip Hop is not dead, especially in LA!  Make sure to check this album out ASAP.  Its available on CDBaby, iTunes & Spotify.


Buc Ballzy – “Fire & Ice” Album (Review) : Underground Hip Hop Blog