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Ar-Ab On Meek Mill/Game Beef: “LA, There’s Real N*ggas Out There” [Video]

Philadelphia rapper Ar-Ab has provided his two cents in the war of words between Game and Meek Mill. Although entertained, the fellow Philly rapper does not want to see the dispute turn violent.

In a new interview, Ar explained the difference between Los Angeles and Philadelphia feuds.

“It’s entertaining to me,” Ar-Ab said when asked about Meek Mill and Game feuding. “It’s always a rap beef. I just hope that sh*t don’t get violent, man. Understand, it’s two different coasts. LA, there’s real n*ggas out there. A lot of them work out and get buff and can fight. But you’re talking about Philly here. Everything’s the gun. It’s like you’re probably never going to get a fight out of Philly. They’re going to bring a gun. Everything is the gun in Philly.” (This Is 50)

Game unleashed his new “Pest Control” freestyle Tuesday (September 20) and took direct aim at Meek Mill.

“All rats gotta die, though,” Game raps. “In New York, Quad Studios, getting high though/Off that sour diesel and that hydro, this n*gga take an L every time he go viral/Welcome to the West and this ain’t The Life of Pablo, stay on that bullsh*t, it’s gonna start to feel like Chicago/Keep it 100, you Nicki Minaj’s side show/Still chasing dreams, I made ‘Dreams’ in ’05 though/Riding though, twin Nick Cannons in the Tahoe, and when we touch down, everybody catching spirals/Dressed in all black like the Panthers, we seen your Sway freestyles, Omelly and the answer – Take Beans back to rehab, on Instagram looking like a motherf*cking bean bag” (“Pest Control”)

Coincidentally, Meek protégé Omelly has announced his disinterest in fueling the Game beef.

Yesterday (September 19), Game bashed Omelly over a freestyle clip.

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