Jack Carenza - August 9, 2023

Blvck Svm Releases ‘palmangels’, Drops Accompanying Music Video

Smooth and captivating as ever, Chicago’s Blvck Svm is back with a bang on new single palmangels. This new joint is a synergy of dope production and Svm’s signature lyrical delivery and songwriting. 

Palmangel is built on the brilliant work of producer level. The beat hits hard, with heavy trap drums, and ambient textures. It provides the perfect platform for Blvck Svm’s lyrical prowess to take center stage, and he doesn’t let the opportunity slip away. Svm’s delivery and inflection are exceedingly tight in his verses. And as is often the case, he ties it all together with an infectious hook, culminating with: “Even through the tints, you can see the proof.”  

With every new release, Blvck Svm is redefining the way that we look at the term “luxury rap”. His bars give power to items that from other rappers would sound mundane, the things we take for granted in this genre. Svm positions them in a luxurious way through language and presentation, rather than materialism. 

Complementing the Palmangel release package is a sleek music video. The visuals are a work of art on their own, building on the song’s narrative. With striking visuals and enigmatic scene, it’s an imaginative take that mirrors the song’s intensity and creativity. 

Blvck Svm leaves us eagerly anticipating what’s to come, as he continues to redefine the boundaries of hip-hop.