Jack Carenza - March 19, 2023

Ché Brings his Sound to Life with Inspired ‘Ché Unplugged’ EP

Nineteen-year-old recording artist Ché has taken a creative and unique route to present his newest project, Ché Unplugged.  Drawing inspiration from the celebrated MTV series, the NYC-based rapper/vocalist reinvented two tracks from his 2021 Mixtape Ghost Log Cabin, adding a third cut as a live preview of the lead single from his upcoming debut album.  

“This EP serves as a personal statement to my growth, not just as an artist, but as a human.  I’m shedding the ‘Ghost Log Cabin’ exterior and emerging as something entirely new.” – Ché 

Using live instrumentation, and natural poetic inclinations, Ché brings authenticity and intimacy to the table. Intimacy that can only be captured through live cuts.  With delivery and lyricism reminiscent of an early Lupe Fiasco, his ability to transition smoothly from rapping to singing, and to incorporate the undertones of live instrumentation into these performed takes is awe-inspiring.  

Ché Unplugged

Ayudame is an exhibition of superb pacing, incorporating jazz influences, and rhythms that balance old-school elements with modern lyricism.  Perched atop live instrumentation rich with ambient keys and soul-moving saxophone, Ché is in his element. With silky bars propelling him across vivid soundscapes. His breath control, flow, and vocal range are remarkable.  With lyrical prowess that sets him apart from the pack, his command of the mic is felt throughout. Ayudame might just reflect that best, through skillful wordplay and captivating storytelling.   

August, another fresh cut from Ghost Log Cabin puts flow at the forefront.  Ché thrives on this one, showcasing absurd talents as both a songwriter and emcee.  In a flurry of fire lines in the first verse, he spits, “Half of you n*ggas fuckin’ crafted your act off of my image/I don’t say that much cause really it don’t matter to me.” The live format gives August plenty of time to breathe, with dope instrumental breaks, and moments of pure vibes.  Whether delving into personal struggles and triumphs or reflecting on injustice, Ché’s lyrics always hit home.  Watch the live take of August below: 

Ché Unplugged concludes with a fresh cut for fans to enjoy from Ché’s upcoming album, titled April 16th.  If this new track is any indication of the music we can look forward to, watch out for the new album from this New York-based, 19-year-old phenom.