Jack Carenza - March 21, 2023

Alonda Rich Releases Irresistible Five Song EP ‘So Far So Good’

Just a few days ahead of last Saturday’s performance at SXSW’s DSCVR Austin, Harrisburg, PA singer Alonda Rich shared an elegant 5 track EP titled So Far So Good.  Brimming with luscious melodies, potent imagery, and indelible production, Rich has once again proven herself a force to be reckoned with.  

So Far So Good is a masterclass on the fusion of soulful harmonies and delicate songwriting.  Alonda presents poetic insights, messages of hope, feelings of heartbreak, and a measured viewpoint of topics that are generally overdramatized.  She tempers meaning with impeccable presentation and Alonda’s velvety tone meshes seamlessly with superb production.  

Alonda Rich – So Far So Good

The EP begins on a note of self-love, with gorgeous joint The Mantra.  Haunting vocals and raw lyricism sit against a backdrop of melancholic guitar riffs. The song’s theme centers around self-confidence, encouraging listeners to have faith in themselves and their abilities. Rich’s poetic lyrics paint a picture of the internal struggles we face when trying to believe in ourselves, but the track’s ethereal instrumentation and Rich’s powerful vocals offer a sense of hope and optimism. Overall, The Mantra is a beautifully crafted piece that speaks to the universal experience of self-doubt and the journey toward self-assurance.  And most importantly, serves as a reminder to Alonda herself.  

Track three, No Luggage is a particularly captivating one, maybe our favorite from the album.  With measured pacing and impactful breaks, Alonda’s lyrics use a powerful metaphor. That accurately convey the idea of letting go of baggage when it’s time to move on from toxic friendships.  Relationships that are no longer symbiotic.  She weaves the metaphor throughout the song, where it is presented most literally on the hook. “I don’t need your baggage and bullshit, (no luggage).”  Rich emphasizes the importance of leaving behind people who need to spend time learning from their mistakes.  

So Far So Good ends on a gorgeous note, with the mesmerizing Forget Me Not. Rich visualizes the impact of her own art through luscious soundscapes.   

“This song was the first I wrote after losing my voice, and being left with the thought, ‘what if I never sing again?’.  It gave me an overwhelming feeling of hoping people truly hear and feel what I say in my music.” 

Alonda revels in the thought that if she inspires even one person through her art, it has served its purpose.  With the intention that they will use her words in a time of need. Downtempo presentation perfectly matches the mood. Her voice glides effortlessly over gorgeous production, conveying the emotions of the lyrics with every note. The song is a perfect example of Alonda’s unparalleled skill as a singer and songwriter.  

So Far So Good is a testament to Alonda Rich’s exceptional artists and songwriting.  With each track, she offers a unique and compelling sound that shows range and versatility.  Expected skills from an artist with talent and potential of the highest caliber.