Chicago Flight Night Artist Spotlight: Brittney Carter

As the Chicago stop on Kota the Friend’s Flight Night Festival approaches, it is essential to remember the true purpose of the tour, and of the fltbys brand. That mission is clearly restated in a fltbys Instagram Post:

 “Ever since 2008 we’ve been giving people the opportunity to get on stage, when no one else was giving the opportunity,” said Kota.  “Fltbys has always been a young company of people who just want to do something but have no platform.”

Embracing the concept of connecting up-and-coming talent to their community, we will showcase a stacked lineup of opening acts in Chicago, before Kota takes the stage at The Metro on April 29th. With glossy delivery, and effortless flow, Brittney Carter will have the distinct honor to pass the mic to Kota directly.

A native of Southside Chicago (Evergreen Park to be specific), Brittney Carter approaches beats as if rap is her first language.  Her unique cadence, graceful delivery, and the truth found in her writing make each song relatable and honest.  Musicians with unique voices are often the ones we relate with most easily. Carter’s vocals are earthy and rich, with intonation that often naturally melds words together, while never sacrificing clarity.

These indisputable talents have unlocked great opportunities for Carter.  In 2018, Jay Rock recognized her gifts, and Brittney Carter opened for the TDE star.  In 2019, she was named a ‘Chicago Artist to Watch’ by NPR.  What’s most impressive is the approach – Carter would never sacrifice the integrity of her art to achieve critical acclaim.  She creates, and the recognition comes organically.

Brittney Carter’s Sound

Brittney Carter favors simplicity in instrumentals, with a special taste for jazz-based vibes.  Often, it feels as if her vocals are an extension of the instrumental rather than a separate entity.  She embodies smoothness, intimacy, and familiarity.  Stylistically, her vocals shift effortlessly from rapping to pseudo-singing, to full out melodic.  This balance allows Carter to add layering, mood shifts, and elements of style that set her apart from many in the game.

A masterclass in hip-hop fusion, As I Am, Brittney Carter’s debut album dropped in 2020.  Introspective, soulful, and emotion-packed, the project frequently employs the talents of R&B/soul songstress Oliv Blu, also from Chicago’s Southside.  Blu’s exquisite vocals met by Carter’s precise and detailed writing are symbiotic, as Carter paint landscapes of social injustice, personal growth, and a strong perseverance to make her part of the world a better place.

One of our favorite tracks on As I Am is Cold As Us, which is truly a showcase of Carter’s brilliant songwriting.  A particular segment of lyrics stands out, as it seems to speak about the moment at hand. [“Angel on my shoulder say/ ‘Don’t miss your calling, you been distracted/You been stagnant, you been stalling’/The clock is winding down, the only time is now/What’s your word if you don’t honor vows”.]

Clearly, she has taken her advice, capitalizing on immense talent to realize a moment like Flight Night.  If the only time is now, Brittney Carter has certainly made the most of it.

Brittney Carter on Independence

Carter understands that life as an independent artist can be challenging, but that those pitfalls are easier to cope with when surrounded by the right people.

“I am independent. The challenges I’ve had to face thus far has been building the team I’ve needed. I know that accomplishing the vision I have will take an effective TEAM. After finding new management at the end of last year, I believe I’m on the right track.” 

Brittney Carter possesses the special gifts needed to reach a wide audience.  With her new team in place, Carter is building the foundation for a huge year in 2022. An appearance at Flight Night certainly does not hurt either.

Flight Night 

Flight Night is a ringing endorsement for all artists selected, and Brittney Carter is approaching the experience as a moment for her to learn and grow.

“I was put on to Kota a year ago and became an instant fan, so this is really a full circle moment for me. I’m looking forward to learning all I can from this experience.” 

Look for Brittney Carter to wow fltbys fans with her energy, cohesive message, and effortless bars.

Stay tuned as we will be highlighting each local act on the roster for Chicago Flight Night.  Limited tickets are available.

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