admin - September 22, 2016

Clay – “Kill Your Friends” Mixtape (Review)

Kill Your Friends by Clay

Much respect for this rising Gwinnett county GA based underground Hip Hop MC.  Clay drops his debut mixtape titled “Kill Your Friends“.  This project has 11 solid tracks and will make you really appreciate fresh new acts on the come up.  His music is simple yet effective, his rhyme style and sound is truly original and unique.  The beats on this mixtape are insane, hard-hitting sounds with snares and hi-hats that will blow you off the ground.  I want to mention that the first impression truly counts when it comes to a situation like this.  And YES!! We are impressed.

A song I would highly recommend checking out is “Eyes Closed”.  This track right here really defines the whole project and I feel it’s the stand-out track on this mixtape.  Probably the deepest track is “Royalty”, the sound on this track has the perfect mix top attract mainstream and underground fans worldwide!  Not sure if Clay decided to title this mixtape “Kill Your Friends” as a literal term, but I’m sure it’s a way to express himself regarding backstabbing friends in his life.

I would like to recommend this mixtape to any true music fan that is really looking for some fresh quality Hip Hop.  Clay has a bright future ahead of him, that’s for sure!  This mixtape is available on Bandcamp!

Clay – “Kill Your Friends” Mixtape (Review) : Underground Hip Hop Blog