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Q&A With Goldwood & Max Gertler

Much respect to Max Gertler and Goldwood for holding down the new wave of underground Hip Hop out in Brooklyn. Please tell us, where did the concept of DI$NEY come from?

Max: DI$NEY came from a crazy trip I had last summer. I just broke up with my girlfriend and hopped on a plane, so the juxtaposition to that and the euphoria of Orlando was something I felt like I needed to capture.

Goldwood: Yeah he went all the way out to Disney World on a whim. He came back and he kind of seemed like a changed dude. Right from the jump he was pressing me to work every hour of every day. I guess he was just determined to make it you know? Something happened in his head out there and now all this kid thinks about is making it big. I had no problem with it.

Tell us how you ended up choosing your current style rather than falling into the golden era type style that we were all influenced by.

Max: I just feel like that sound isn’t me. Hip Hop is something that is constantly evolving, so I wasn’t trying to go back in time. I was really just trying to make a sound that you couldn’t pin-point back to something else in hip-hop.

Goldwood: Also the style of the music on this project is our sonic representation of what “Disney” is and what that trip meant to Max. We made it psychedelic and experimental, childlike and nostalgic…Eerie. Imagine yourself watching some old Walt Disney movie while on a bad trip or something. We also, of course, put a lot of our own personalities into the sound which gives it a touch that no one else has.

Max, how did you link up with Goldwood, and are you guys planning on pushing more projects in the future together?

Max: We grew up on the same street. Right now we’re both working on some solo shit, but we got more songs in the works. You’ll get another project from us in the near future.

Goldwood: Yeah man you don’t even have to worry. [Laughs] We got plenty of shit coming. Keep your eyes peeled for Tyrin’s tape which is coming soon. Løst Boy has also been grinding his ass off. He’s got a little something in the works.

Brooklyn, NY has had an enormous impact for HIP HOP in general, please tell me who are your all-time favorite Brooklyn rappers. And in your opinion, how important has it been for you growing up in Brooklyn, a huge city that has influenced Hip Hop worldwide.

Max: I always feel like a fish out of water when it comes to Brooklyn music. There’s a specific sound that you think of when you think of Brooklyn, and that’s miles away from the music we’re making. I fuck with Wiki for sure, and Black Dave too. Flatbush Zombies have made some crazy shit.

Goldwood: Being from Brooklyn has always been a point of pride for me. I love this borough, and I love this whole city. Brooklyn has done more for hip-hop than most places. When it comes to that boom bap sound Brooklyn really holds it down. Smif-n-Wessun were always inspiring to me, and in recent years the Pro Era dudes kept it real. I could mention more legends but there’s no need, right? These days I’m like shout out to Young M.A. because I fuck with her and she’s probably the don of Brooklyn right now. It’s always Free Bobby. Shout out Desiigner. When it comes to the new wave though I feel like we’re really pushing boundaries and making noise out of Brooklyn that’s never been heard.

Max: Growing up in Brooklyn was cool cause I saw a bunch of people my age actually make it. That shit was inspirational [Laughs].

How often do you rock live shows, planning any tours?

Max: We got a bunch of college shows coming up in the northeast.

Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs.

Max: If I’m not living on the moon in five years I’ll be tight. I’m trying to be the first rapper to make an album in space.

Goldwood: Yeah bro we share the same dream. Delivery Boys in space 2K21 [Laughs].

Explain “Delivery Boys”

Goldwood: Summer of 2015 I was working as a delivery boy for Brooklyn Heights Deli. Fuck you Frank. Max was doing postmates to make some cash and we were chilling every day and making music. It just had to happen you know what I mean? We always fight about who really came up with it but deep down we both know it was me [Laughs].

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Max: Everything is @maxgertler

Goldwood: My instagram is @xgoldwoodx my twitter is @GoldwoodReal and my soundcloud is xgoldwoodx

Lastly, and shout out?

Max: Shout out stinky jones and yaseen

Goldwood: Shout out to my mother and father. Shout out to my brothers. Shout out to Zora. Shout out to Delivery. Hold it down for life.

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