admin - October 3, 2016

Contra $aturn – “Only The Genesis” Album (Review)

Such a powerful fresh new album right here!  Central Florida native Contra $aturn drops his latest full-length album titled  “Only The Genesis“, an enlightening new Hip Hop album for 2016!  His sound is 100% original, with some of the best hard-hitting, melodic beats money can buy!  This album has a powerful spiritual felling to it that will only make you appreciate fresh new Hip Hop even more.  This 10 track album can go up against some of the best in the game today.  It’s really rare when I say this, but this album is truly beyond its time.  Feels like Contra $aturn really something cooking!

Songs like “Time” ft.Gloria Marie, which is my favorite!, “Mental Down” Ft. King Q & “Drunken Thoughts” Ft. Maintain can really prove to you that is truly something different!  Nobody in the game sounds like Contra $aturn, which is a huge compliment to say the least.  Even the artwork to this album is wicked!  It really fits great with the title and theme of this project.  Solid album right here, a real stand-out album, I really recommend all Hip Hop heads to give it a good listen, from front to back, roll yourself a fatty and enjoy the ride!  This album is available on soundcloud for stream!

We want to shout out Contra $aturn for his tracks “Only You” Ft. Brinson Swann & “For Lost Blossoms” (feat. Moe.).  Truly ground-breaking tracks for reals!

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