Fly Anakin Takes A Victory Lap on New Album ‘Skinemaxxx’ (Side A)

Fly Anakin Skinemaxxx

Richmond, VA emcee Fly Anakin has released Skinemaxxx (Side A) his first official project since 2022 instant classic Frank. Executively produced by frequent collaborator Foisey, Skinemaxxx shows the constant evolution of one of the underground’s most consistent rappers. Who always finds the right balance of experimentation with his proven formula of breakneck flow, fire delivery, and dynamic lyricism.  

One of the most impressive aspects of Skinemaxxx is the way Fly Anakin seamlessly blends different styles and influences into his music. He draws from classic boom-bap and jazz samples, as well as more modern trap and electronic sounds, to create a sound that is distinctly his own.

Fly Anakin – Skinemaxxx (Side A) 

Anakin and Mutant Academy producer Foisey once again display uncanny chemistry, which makes sense after years of working together. While a connective tissue exists between Frank and Skinemaxxx, the latter feels more like a return to Anakin’s purest Soundcloud days. Unencumbered by dense hooks, and more intricate mixing, it is a return to boom-bap. The album is linked together with brief skits, as Anakin peruses TV Channels late at night.   

From a rollout perspective, Skinemaxxx led with two singles: track 2, Blicky Bop, and track 5: Outsidigan’s Anthem. Both tracks are clear album highlights, showcasing the Lex Records Rapper’s uncanny breath control, and distinct delivery.  

Bonnet Music is one of our personal favorites, with its choppy instrumentation matched with Anakin’s staccato flow. Thematically, the track discusses the concept of outgrowing our peers, or people we were once close to.  Although he started in the same place as many aspiring artists and made dope connections along the way, those don’t all last. Too often, rappers claim that they are moving up without looking back.  On Bonnet Music, Anakin appreciates where he came from and what it took to get here while coming to the conclusion that he will never go back.  

The enduring gem from Skinemaxxx (Side A) though, has to be Affirmations featuring another frequent collaborator Pink Siifu.  Sampling 1977 hit Tender by Carrie Lucas, this joint’s soulful chops, and jazzy chords provide a gorgeous canvas for Anakin’s thoughtful and measured bars. The official music video for Affirmations dropped last week, with clean visual animations.  

After releasing the project, Fly Anakin will team up with YUNGMORPHEUS for a co-headlining tour in North America. Tour dates and locations can be found below: 

5/31 – 529 Club – Atlanta, GA

6/1 – Sleeping Village – Chicago, IL

6/2 – Public Records – Brooklyn, NY

6/3 – Daily Op – Easthampton, MA

6/8 – Resident – Los Angeles, CA

6/9 – Eli’s Mile High Club – Oakland, CA

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