Jack Carenza - July 23, 2023

Healy Releases ‘Famous Last Words’ Feat. Cautious Clay

It’s been a tumultuous 5-year ride for multihyphenate Memphis recording artist Healy. A genre-bending stalwart going back to his lofi Soundcloud days, Healy propelled himself to notoriety on the back of early hits like $150 / roll widdit and Phantoms. His ability to distill an evident appreciation for rap with elements of indie rock, soul, and dreamy pop elements have made the son of a catholic choir singer a favorite for alternative hip-hop fans.  

2017 album Subluxe was Healy’s big breakthrough and remains one of our favorite independent projects of the decade. It also led to a record deal with RCA Records. While the consequent 2021 record Tungsten was far from a flop, there was a certain shift in Healy’s persona following his deal. Extended periods without releases. Marked frustration on social media, unusual coming from a previously approachable and playful artist. 

This is not a gossip site. We are frankly not that curious about why things didn’t work out with Healy and RCA. But things didn’t work out. Since regaining his independence, Healy has dropped two tracks that recapture the spirit of his unencumbered elegance. This Friday’s latest offering, Famous Last Words (feat. Cautious Clay) is just that. A song that embodies all the elements that make Healy such a special artist. 

Famous Last Words 

As impressive as the sonic presentation of Healy’s works is his ability as a storyteller. Famous Last Words tells a story of vulnerability and uncertainty in a relationship, where the protagonist grapples with the fear of getting hurt but also yearns for a deeper connection. 

The verses depict intimate moments and the complexities of emotions, while the chorus emphasizes the fear of being let down.

Standout lines like, “Baby, what’s the worst that could happen?/Comin’ unfastened while we’re hopping the curb,” reflect on the willingness to take risks in love, regardless of potential consequences. 

As always, Famous Last Words can be defined by excellent musicianship, from laid back-instrumentation to an infusion of atmospheric elements. The collaboration with Cautious Clay adds an extra layer of richness to the track. Complementing Healy’s smooth vocals and enhancing the song’s emotional depth.

Famous Last Words has been paired with June 21st release 2D, styled as a double-single for now, although there are indications that both tracks will be part of a summer EP. Stay tuned, as Healy continues to prove that he still has so much to offer.