Kweku Collins Drops Double Single, Confirms November Album Release Date

Kweku Collins

A little over four years since his last official release, Kweku Collins dropped a moving double single: A Tale of the Twin Flame / An Original Internet last Friday.  Reconfirming his position as a mainstay in alternative hip-hop, the double single puts our focus back on Kweku’s mellow, quirky sound and astute lyricism.    

Kweku Collins

Collins shared the new release in an Instagram post, confirming that the two tracks are the first singles from his new album Then Spring.  The album will be released in two parts, with side A dropping November 4th.  As the Evanston, Illinois recording artist is known for exploring duality, don’t be surprised if there is a conceptual component to this two-part album drop.  


“Then Spring is a sound I’ve had in my head since I was really young. We chose Twin Flame and An Original Internet to be the first release because I wanted to come out the gate showing people the range of what’s to come.” Kweku Collins 

Kweku Collins: A Tale of the Twin Flame / An Original Internet

The dichotomy we are expecting from Then Spring was already made plain in the double single.  Collins begins with A Tale of the Twin Flame.  Crisp, effortless vocals sit atop a guitar forward instrumental arrangement, given body by a catchy bassline.  Lyrically, Collins explores a lasting love story, but not your typical one. Thematically, this tale is driven by the concept that although people change inside and outside, real love remains constant. 

Twin Flame’s hook asks an essential question, that propels the track to a place most love songs can’t reach. “Do you think shit happens right?/Or does it just happen like how we met?” Collins wonders, did he meet his “Twin Flame” because he was meant to?  Or did it just happen?  By pondering this question, rather than answering it, Kweku adds an element of uncertainty to the track. Ultimately, which provides a palpable, human element.  Kweku Collins The Spring

With its stripped down guitar and bongo backing, An Original Internet takes a critical look at modern society.  A society that has made people “numbers, not souls”. That relies on greed, fear and technology to thrive, rather than humanity. Collins promises his listeners that “the day is coming when things will change”.  This track is a sonic masterpiece, with its bare soundscapes and compelling message. A gorgeous moment in the fabric of the song comes at 2:24. Collins injects a call-and-response type vocal segment that add a sense of hope and positivity to an otherwise bleak vision.

Then Spring

While Collins’ heady lyricism always seems to steal the show, he is placing a big emphasis on musicality on his newest project.

“When I decided to write an album with guitar as the main melodic instrument, it forced me to grow as a musician, writer, vocalist and producer”, Kweku shared.  I wanted to capture the energy of my prior records, but package them so people can pick up an instrument and become the song if they want.”

Kweku Collins has undoubtedly rewarded his fans for their patience with this beautiful two-part single.  Stream A Tale of the Twin Flame / An Original Internet today, and be sure to look out for The Spring (Side A) November 4th. 

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