Jack Carenza - October 24, 2022

LA’s Airick G Shines on Lustrous New Single ‘Excuses’

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Airick G has added another hit to his growing catalog of undiscovered gems with newest drop Excuses.  Released on Friday, October 21st this smooth new single exemplifies G’s multihyphenate vocals and meditative songwriting.

Over rolling guitar chops, and a refined bass line, Airick G attacks the dope beat with confidence. Pure class from the onset.  His first verse shows a versatile skill set as a singer, and lyricist. 

Mid-verse, he’s met by the alluring vocals of collaborator Baby Bea. Bea adds her own depth and perspective on the hook. Adding strong female vocals in a song about a relationship on the brink of failure rounds the track out with authority.  Bea returns in the second verse, elevating the track with dazzling vocal range.  

However, Excuses’ high point comes at the 1:41 mark, where Airick G adopts more of a classic hip-hop cadence.  With pinpoint flow, and a shift in the beat which allows his vocals more room to breathe, G is at his very best here.  “But when the bell tolls, you really think that we’ll be better off apart though?/You mean to tell me this is all the give we got from all the nights I held you up./cause’ life is tough and you’re not.”Airick G Excuses

Thematically, Excuses explains how easy it is to let a special relationship fall apart when things get difficult.  Airick G reminds us that important people are worth working hard for. The very worst thing we can do is make excuses, or disinherit our own shortcomings. 

Above all, Airick G proves once again on Excuses his willingness to confront challenging topics and experiences.  By doing so, he understands that his experiences might mirror the obstacles his fans are facing, which are all a part of the human condition.