Jack Carenza - July 18, 2022

NYC Flight Night Artist Spotlight: ISO INDIES

As the New York City stop on Kota the Friend’s Flight Night Festival approaches, it is essential to remember the true purpose of the tour, and of the fltbys brand. That mission is clearly restated in a fltbys Instagram Post:

 “Ever since 2008 we’ve been giving people the opportunity to get on stage, when no one else was giving the opportunity,” said Kota.  “Fltbys has always been a young company of people who just want to do something but have no platform.”NYC Flight Night

Embracing the concept of connecting up-and-coming talent to their community, we will showcase a stacked lineup of opening acts in NYC, before Kota takes the stage at Sony Hall on July 22nd. Hip Hop duo ISO INDIES will be one of those acts, sharing their adaptability and passionate style with a fervent, hometown crowd.  

ISO INDIES is comprised of artists Conchez Yout and Dillmatic. The pair have been pushing their unique vibes to NYC audiences since 2008.  With a vast, scintillating discography, Iso Indies have experimented with many different styles, from old-school boom bap, to trap, and everything in between.  

Flight Night is a special opportunity for the Yout and Dill. Each has deep roots in the city, and a longstanding relationship with Kota.  “We were born and raised in East New York and Crown Heights,” shared ISO.  “We’re from Brooklyn, New York, and went to school in Brownsville.”  Their connection with NYC shines through in their music, with visionary, east coast lyricism, and many cultures woven into one cohesive sound.  


In recent years, ISO INDIES have certainly adapted to the times.  To achieve longevity (especially over a 14 year career), it’s a necessity to move music forward as tastes change.  The back half of their discography shows an ability to flow over 808 heavy instrumentals and high energy tracks.  If you were to only browse through their most popular tracks on Spotify, it would be easy to mistake this as their foremost style.  Tracks like Safehouse, Symphonies and Duece embody INDIES’ ability to body modern beats, but they just scratch the surface regarding music identity.  

The duo is wildly prolific, having dropped 7 albums and a boatload of singles since 2019.  Their variation in styles with each project is astounding.  Whether you’re looking for a smoking anthem, some introspective bars, a banger for the gym, or summer vibes, ISO INDIES have a track that fits the occasion.  

While their versatility, and copious creativity have made for a diverse discography, when asked about their most powerful work, ISO INDIES looked back on their roots.  

Some of our best work that represents us most accurately are our old projects such as Irie and Life Goes On, which we’re planning to re-release.” 

As of now, these projects are available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. They showcase the sound that broke ISO INDIES into the scene.  Both projects showcase an old school style, the ability to navigate boom bap beats with florid lyricism and flow.  

Track two from Irie, Run, illustrates this style with class.  With head nodding vibes, Yout and Dill murder the beat with delectable golden-age style. “I cut class, but I still pass/your ass getting skipped on the blunt pass/so don’t ask, they all talk shit cuz they all trash.

ISO INDIES are the best of both worlds. Born from the lyrical age, they have found ways to stay relevant to audiences craving a new wave of sound.  

ISO INDIES on Independence

With years of experience maneuvering the game, ISO INDIES have benefited from the many lessons. As an independent act, they’ve found blessings in the struggle.  

“We’ve been independent for 14 years now, and that means we’ve faced just about every adversity you could experience.  These all forced us to be self-sufficient, and we’re slowly reaping the benefits.”  

The reason many independent artists fail is because they don’t have the perseverance. The work ethic or longevity to stick with their art when the results don’t always come.  ISO INDIES have defied that, and life is good on the other side.  

Flight Night 

ISO INDIES join Flight Night with a unique connection to fltbys and founder Kota the Friend.  Coming up in the scene, a talented young videographer helped them out with some work back in the day.    

We’re honored to be performing at Flight Night.  We go way back with Kota, he used to shoot all our videos for us when we came out as ISO INDIES back in the day.  That’s our brother.” 

Beyond their obvious talents as a premier independent hip hop act, ISO INDIES will take the stage as another clear reminder of Kota the Friend’s NYC roots. Limited tickets are available for the second night of NYC Flight Night (Saturday, July 23rd.)