Presenting: Today’s Hip Hop (Clean) Spotify Playlist

Today’s Hip Hop (Clean) Spotify Playlist is here. At Today’s Hip Hop, we understand love for hip hop can extend to your family and kids.  Addressing this issue, we wanted to provide a playlist that you’re comfortable playing in the car on the way to basketball practice, or at the family BBQ, or coming home from church on Sunday, that still gives you the very best from today’s hottest rappers.  With this mission in mind, we built Todays Hip Hop (Clean) This is a Spotify playlist that still embodies our efforts to spotlight the top lyricists in the game, but omits some of the language that makes them inaccessible to certain audiences.  You can sample the playlist below or check out this playlist and others on the Today’s Hip Hop Spotify Profile.

Highlighting artists from Kendrick to Cordae, Kota to Kanye, Cole to Chance the Rapper, the Today’s Hip-Hop Clean playlist slaps, with lyricism, beat selection, and good vibes on an all-time high. While the playlist touches on classic jams (such as Kendrick’s DNA, Jay-Z’s Dirt Off Your Shoulder and Mac Miller’s Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza), some of the freshest tracks out can be found here too.

Instant classics from Cordae’s new album From a Bird’s Eye View like Parables (Remix) featuring Eminem, and Today featuring Gunna are already right at home on the playlist. We are in a new golden era of hip-hop, and as our favorite artists release the clean versions of their projects, they are certain to make their way to this compilation.

As always, we are accepting submissions from indie artists, which can be submitted through our Instagram or contact form.  Please make sure you have a radio edit if you are submitting to this playlist.  Be sure to follow the Today’s Hip Hop (Clean) Spotify Playlist for updates as we expand, and checkout exclusive one on one interviews with artists, on

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