Teen Killed After Aiming Handgun At Authorities In Louisiana

Devon Martes, 17, was fatally shot Tuesday after attempting to shoot a sheriff’s deputy, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said, calling Deputy David Dalton “one of the luckiest men in America.”

A screenshot of urveillance video released Wednesday morning appears to show a suspect, who was being pursued by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputy, point a gun at the deputy, who returned fire and fatally shot the suspect in Metairie.

The video, whcih can be found on The Times-Picayune website is somewhat blurry, but appears to show the suspect twice raising a gun before being shot.

Normand said the shooting happened as deputies responded to calls just before midnight Tuesday of suspicious activity on the Interstate 10 service road in Metairie, near a new car storage lot. He said the callers reported seeing two people rolling tires down the street.

Normand said deputies flooded the area and that Dalton pursued Martes into the newspaper warehouse. Inside the warehouse, the deputy and suspect met, he said. Martes raised his gun to shoot Dalton and the gun did not fire, the sheriff said.

“But for the fact that the gun malfunctioned, I might have a dead officer,” Normand said. “He was going to act out as a cold-blooded killer.”

Dalton drew his service weapon and fired six shots at Martes, he said. The suspect was pronounced dead on the scene. Dalton is white and Martes was black.

“My deputy is one of the luckiest men in America this morning,” Normand said. It was, he said, “very much the shootout at the O.K. Corral.”

Teen Killed After Aiming Handgun At Authorities In Louisiana : The Source

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