admin - July 13, 2016

The Rihanna x Dior Sunglasses Are Here

Rihanna has been sporting her sunglass collaboration with Dior for some time now. And if you were awaiting their release, they’re now here!

The Rihanna Collection, inspired by Star Trek’s Geordi LaForge, features a bold, sleek, futuristic look that comes in various different colors. The collection has a six color variation and costs anywhere between $840 to $1,950.

This is Rihanna’s second time making a sunglasses appearance with Dior, as she worked with photographer Steven Klein decked in Dior in Tokyo in December 2014.┬á“The process was pretty seamless,” Rihanna tells WWD. “I spent a day at Dior with their eyewear design team. I started by looking through all the archives to see what they’ve done in the past, then got acquainted with all the new materials. I literally sat there and drew and drew until I was happy with the design, and the team illustrated it for me right then and there. We picked materials and colors that same day, and after that it was a matter of weeks before I saw the first prototype.”

The Dior Rihanna Collection is available in silver, pink, blue, red and green. There is also a deluxe 24 karat gold played version available. All styles can be found exclusively in Dior stores.

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