Pia - September 28, 2015

We The Best Music Group’s Steph Lecor Talks DJ Khaled, Culture, Sexuality And Music With Today’s Hip Hop!

┬ástephlecorWe The Best┬áMusic Group‘s first lady Steph Lecor is the hottest chick in the game right now! Raised in Miami, FL, she started off singing in her church choir, and when she graduated high school, she sang┬áprofessionally as a back up singer for the Van Halen tour, as well as opening up for artists such as J. Lo, Arianna Grande, Calvin Harris and many more!

Steph spoke to us in the beginning of September about her “pro-feminist” music, sexuality, DJ Khaled and how Miami molded her into the great songstress that she is today.

Check out the interview as well as her debut music video for her hit single “Saturday” below!

Pia: How did being raised in Florida influence your musical style?

Steph: Miami is such a melting pot for so many different cultures, I really had a wide range of music that I’ve grown up with, from rock, to reggae, to latin, to Haitian music, hip-hop/RnB, pop, everything! So, I think that just being around the different cultures, it influenced my music and I guess my style.

P: What genre or sub-genre do you consider your music to fit in?

S: For me, I don’t want to put myself in a box, I don’t think I stick to one specific genre. I do love all different types of music and I do all different types of music. Right now, I guess I would say Hip-Hop, RnB, Pop, Reggae, with a little bit of Rock.

P: I’ve heard that you describe your music as “Pro-Feminist”, is that correct?

S: I’ve never described or used the word “Pro-Feminist”, I am ALWAYS rooting for and supporting women, and I think that it’s important that we stick together and we uplift each other, and we say the things that we want to say. I am a little bit of a feminist I guess. I never used those words, but it works I guess (laughs).

P: In the “Saturday” song, you seem very sexually liberated. Does your sexuality, or the many different sexualities of women play a role in your music?

S: I will definitely say that I won’t say anything that I haven’t experienced, or I don’t agree with or believe in, and I guess you can say that I’m sexually liberated. But, I will say that it’s always with a loved one. I’m NOT promiscuous. It’s kind of just, when you find someone that you love or you really care about, I feel like you should just be free to explore and do whatever makes you guys happy. But, I don’t knock anyone else for what they do.

P: How did you meet DJ Khaled?

S: Shoutouts to E-Class, Poe Boy Music Group; he’s my manager and it started out by him playing me the record “Saturday”. He played the record for me, and I loved it. I recorded it the next day. Then, he met up with Khaled and the day after I recorded he played it for him. Khaled loved it, and wanted to meet me the day after that! I went out to meet him, and that same day he put his chain on my neck was like “you’re We The Best now” and we’ve been rocking ever since!┬á

P: Why did you agree to sign to Dj Khaled instead of going elsewhere?

S: I didn’t know before I walked in the room…I knew that it was a possibility, (becoming a part of We The Best Music Group) I didn’t know whether or not it was something I wanted. But, when I got in the room and I met him (Khaled), we had real conversations, and I got to pick up on his vibe and his energy. He’s such a positive person, and he is so insightful, and I just felt very comfortable. I did a quick little prayer, and I just had an overwhelming feeling of “this is what I’m supposed to be doing”, so for me that’s when that decision came about. It was effortless in the sense that I walked in the room and everything made sense. I don’t know how much sense that makes, but that really was my thought process for that situation. I’ve been in the industry for about 10 years, and I’ve kind of been around and I know a little bit of the ins and outs and I’m really big on energies. He’s just a genuinely good person and I felt very good about signing with him. So, when he put his chain around my neck, I was like “Yes, this is it, this feels right”. It was the BEST decision that I’ve ever made.

P: Your image is really funky and eclectic, what and who inspires your wardrobe?

S: I’ve always been into fashion, and I love expressing myself artistically and creatively through any outlets that I have. I feel like fashion is just another way to do that. So, my hair is blue or green or yellow or pink just because its fun and I like the way it looks, and I’m just influenced by the art of fashion and anyone who wears what they want to wear, and they feel comfortable wearing it and they look good doing it. I don’t have a specific fashion icon, but I do appreciate fashion and art.

I like everything. I can walk into Walmart and find a really cute shirt and buy it, and I can walk into Saks and find a really cute shirt and buy it. So, it just really depends on if I like it or not. I don’t have a favorite brand. I am rocking a lot of DGK right now because I’m really digging the jerseys and the hats and the loose clothes. I’m kind of into that right now.

P: “Saturday” is definitely a club banger, and it’s obvious that you were inspired by Hip-Hop’s latest hits “Post To Be” with Jhene’s “eat the booty” line, and Future’s “Fuck Up Some Commas”. Are these artists that you would like to collab with in the future?

S: I would LOVE to! I think Jhene Aiko is phenomenal, I’m a fan of hers, I love her music as well as Future’s. I really just want to collab with everyone, honestly. For me, it’s like an opportunity to work and create music and art. I’m excited about my future and who I get to get on a track with.

P: If you could collab with any artist tomorrow, who would it be?

S: I would say Sia. I think that Sia is such a phenomenal writer, and I think that her talent and vocals are amazing. Sia or Janet Jackson, either one. I’d be ecstatic, and with Janet, there’s no explanation either. Like she’s Janet Jackson.

P: How do you plan on closing out 2015?

S: I can only hope that my record is really spinning all over the country, and worldwide. I hope that I am on the road performing it and promoting it and that it does really well. Thats what I really want. Right now I have my foot in the door, but I think before the end of this year I kind of want to bust through the door.

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