Wulf Morpheus Releases Majestic Album ‘Strange Places’

Wulf Morpheus

Atlanta via North Carolina producer Wulf Morpheus dropped an impressive project last Friday, with nine-track collaborative album Strange Places.  Morpheus is a fixture in the vibrant Lofi beats scene. His silky smooth chops, and soulful sampling guide a project rich with a harmonious collection of vocalists.  Strange Places is a dope fusion of some of the most exciting emerging emcees around and lesser-known talent who deserve the shine.  Synthesized by cohesive sound, skillful production, and the essence of the ATL.  

Strange Places

Strange Places starts and ends with Wulf’s production.  In detail, its sleek sonic waves provide incredible texture, which each artist on the album capitalizes on. The tone is set with a heater on track 1, Wake Up Again, featuring Ahmad Latif.  This one is an anthem, with Latif’s velvety vocals navigating the beat with ease.   “This joint like 90 seconds, took me like 90 days/She know that I’m timeless, and everywhere, I got an omnipresence,” Latif spits.  

Get a Load of Me sees the first high-profile feature introduced, with the presence of Pensacola, FL-born, ATL-raised rising star MARCO PLUS.  The Wulf Morpheus production is right in PLUS’s lane, and he thrives on this joint, supplemented by a fire verse from Gnarly Marley, and some really nice vocal layering by way of singer Sedona.

Undeniably, one of the album highlights has to be Conquest, which again, relies heavily on an absolutely timeless piece of production.  The guitar rift and pulsating melody provide a riveting platform for mynameisntjmack and MESSIAH!, who unquestionably body it.  Conquest comes complete with a dazzling video presented by modrNation and directed, shot & edited by Jaxon Buzzell.    

Another high point for us is Molasses which reintroduces Sedona, this time for a solo venture.  A sparkling beat elevates the singer’s effortless vocals, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.  This type of vibe captures the project at its core.  Easy listening and chill, with enough firepower and pizzaz to keep the energy high.  

Track nine brings Baton Rouge lyricist Wakai into the fold. An artist we’ve had our eye on for quite some time.  As expected, Wakai delivers the heat on Lil Farakhan. “I am not a product of my pride I gotta watch/something in my eyes and you can see it when I plot./Discover lies while I broke ties, dealing with facades.

Without a doubt, Strange Places is one of our favorite drops of 2023 so far.  With killer production from Wulf Morpheus leading the charge, this is an album to spend some time with. 

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