Artist Spotlight: Reuben Vincent Manifested a Performance at Dreamville Festival

Reuben Vincent

Get real familiar with Reuben Vincent, the Charlotte, NC artist who turned his dreams into a Dreamville Festival slot.  

When J.Cole shared the festival lineup, and a stacked collection of artists earlier this week, the buzz was around names like Drake, Usher, Lil Durk, City Girls, etc.  And for good reason.

But it’s Vincent, an emerging commodity with one of the best stories on the bill. In a Tuesday tweet that drew a lot of eyes, the Jamla Records artist shared his inspirational journey to get to this point.   

“5 years ago I skipped my High school Prom to Go to Kendrick’s Show. Met him & Cole that night. Didn’t promote myself just told them thank you for what they do and got a pic. Fast forward I’m doing Dreamville Fest. Keep my head down & worked now it’s full circle!! God is Great.”

One of the reasons Dreamville is such a respected entity is because they always put talent first.  It’s always about the music.  And while Vincent’s story is excellent, his talents as an artist are even greater.    

Reuben Vincent dropped his debut tape, IDOL.escent at just 13 years of age, drawing attention from legendary producer 9th Wonder.  After appearing on several 9th-produced tracks, he signed to the producer’s label, Jamla Records. Vincent dropped his debut album, Myers Park in 2017, showing obvious signs of a burgeoning star.  However, you don’t need to look much further than his most recent album, Love is War (released January 27th, 2023) to understand why Vincent was invited to perform in Raleigh.  

Reuben Vincent – Love is War

Love is War, above all, is a demonstration of Reuben Vincent’s lyrical talents, and vocal excellence.  It functions as a bridge between classic, golden-era hip-hop, and all the fresh sounds coming out of North Carolina at the moment.  Propelled further by superb production from 9th Wonder, Dreamville’s own Christo, and an array of prominent features, Vincent surrounds himself with immense talent.  Yet remains in the spotlight through delectable rhyme schemes, tight flow, and superb intonation.  

Tracks like February 13th, Mon’e, and Bottle Service find bounce and brightness through recurring vocal samples and Vincent’s reliable cadence.  Whereas tracks like 2ime Flies and Just Like a Dream see him in more of a conversation with the present samples.  

February 13th is a true heartbreak writing clinic, with Vincent and Rhapsody trading verses about love lost.  “Since we’ve been at odds, you’ve been getting even/while it’s for specific reasons/tryna put me in the corner like it’s Willie Beamen,” spits Vincent in a particularly poignant segment.  

On Bottle Service Vincent shows how responding to heartbreak through substances can be a dangerous cycle, with the aid of gorgeous vocals from Raleigh artist Sonny Miles.  It is another example of Vincent using supreme lyricism, classic sound, and relatable storytelling to drive home an important lesson.

Trickin (Feat. Domani) is another album highlight showing how oftentimes our relationship flaws are caused by our own flaws and lapses of judgment. The track comes complete with a vibrant music video.  

And this is why Love is War is a special project.  It’s unsatisfied with examining heartbreak, and pain as a static emotions.  It is a search for an escape.  It’s a study of why these things happen and how to prevent them.  And it is presented through the lens of a true poet.  

With all the momentum from such an impressive project on his side, look for Vincent to leave Dreamville Festival with a plethora of new fans.  

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