Yes, Odell Beckham Jr. Has Emojis Now

Odell Beckham Jr. could be, if he plays his cards deftly enough, the biggest star in the NFL in short order. As it stands right now after just two seasons, just a handful of footballers sit above him in the pecking order. Tom Brady, Cam Newton, maybe Russell Wilson and Dez Bryant. But that’s about it. He plays in the country’s biggest market, hangs out with Drake regularly, and has a fashion spread in GQ. Now, he’s also┬ágot emojis.

…I can’t stop. #odellmoji @OBJ_3

ÔÇö carolpintaÔäó (@carolpinta) July 26, 2016

Now, you can head over to your app-store and express yourself using Odell’s signature blonde fro-hawk and his many emotional faces and gestures. Unfortunately, his most signature expression, the distressed cry-faced he donned on the Giants sideline last season in the midst of his violent on-field battle with former Panthers corner Josh Norman, isn’t one of the 700 Odells you can be in text messages to your friends.


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