50 Cent Still Shows No Chill On Diddy [Video]

G-Unit boss 50 Cent has no plans of brokering a peace with rap rival Diddy in the near future after dissing him at a recent concert outing.

Footage has surfaced of Fif taking a blatant shot at Puff Daddy in a Scottsdale, Arizona nightclub.

50 Cent threw enough shade to keep Diddy cool for a few months when he begged a packed Scottsdale club to rattle off the Bad Boy honcho’s last hit track. Someone does eventually offer up Diddy’s “You Could Be My Lover” off his most recent “MMM” mixtape — and Fiddy performed a mocking lip sync. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, 50 publicly clowned Diddy to promote his “Power” TV series.

In late June, the Unit leader trolled Puffy and his Bad Boy Entertainment legacy.

Last spring, 50 clowned Diddy for making a music retirement announcement.

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