admin - July 12, 2016

Brooklyn Rapper KOTA Copes With Demons on New EP Palm Tree Liquor

KotaEPCoverBrooklyn rhymer KOTA copes with his demons on his new EP Palm Tree Liquor, premiering on Billboard.

“Palm Tree Liquor┬áis about pushing through deep depression,” he tells┬áBillboard.┬á”For a long time, I suffered from sadness┬álike many others. I want the project to tell the story of a young person growing up in Brooklyn, dealing with loneliness, trust issues, uncertainty, alcoholism and┬ácynicism.”

Recorded in his basement,┬áPalm Tree Liquor┬átakes listeners on a sound trip with reflective bars on top of ear-pleasing beats like the dreamy opener “Sunny Day,” the┬áJungle Book-sampling┬á”Mancub” and the loner anthem “Island Man” featuring Blu.┬áHe adds of the project,┬á”It’s not a story about me winning against my demons but more like me finding common ground with them and accepting my past so that I can live in┬áthe present.”

Get more familiar with KOTA┬áin the interview and his┬áPalm Tree Liquor┬áEP below. He will also be performing on July┬á14 at┬áAnalog BKNY┬áfor┬áFlight Night ÔÇ£The Underdog Series,” where he will be┬ábe performing┬áPalm Tree Liquor┬áfor the first time.

Checkout the Interview & Listen to the EP HereSource: Billboard