Jack Carenza - March 29, 2023

Daylight Tone, Galaxy Francis Collide on New Single ‘Woosah’

A dope new track built on production by Sebastian Kamae (credits include femdot., Khary, Ajani Jones, Blvck Svm, Mick Jenkins & Jalen Santoy.) 

Westside Chicago emcee and Chicago Flight Night veteran Daylight Tone has linked up with versatile lyricist Galaxy Francis on vibrant new single Woosah. Smooth production and scintillating songwriting combine to create a track that is a must-add to lyrical hip-hop playlists.  

At first listen, Woosah immediately draws you in with its laid-back, yet catchy beat. The smooth synths and atmospheric sound effects create a dreamy backdrop, transporting you to a place of relaxation and introspection. As the song progresses, the layers of the production build, adding depth and complexity to the instrumental.  Subtle beat breaks add emphasis and impact to stunning vocal performances from both Francis and Tone.  

However, it’s the lyricism of Daylight Tone and Galaxy Francis that truly sets Woosah apart. The two rappers trade verses seamlessly, each bringing their own unique style and perspective to the track. The lyrics touch on themes of self-reflection, overcoming life’s obstacles, and finding peace in a chaotic world.  This prerogative makes sense as reminded by the single’s Spotify artwork, which defines the definition of Woosah for listeners as  “A state of clarity and calmness”.  

A catchy, layered chorus links the two hot-spitters verses, and both Tone and Francis bring a real edge to their bars with top-notch flow and clever wordplay throughout.  One of the highlights of the track is undoubtedly the chemistry between the two vocalists.  Francis and Tone have worked together in the past (on 2022 single Laneguage) and it shows in their smooth transitions and complementary styles.  

Once again, Chicago proves to be home to some of the most exciting independent acts that hip-hop has to offer.