Drake Catches An L But ItÔÇÖs Not From Joe Budden

OVO Sound leader Drake reportedly has to cough up $13,000 for performing beyond his scheduled Summer Sixteen Tour time this week in Texas.

According to reports, Drake has been punished for performing 35 minutes past his allotted time at Dallas’ local stadium.

Drake performed at American Airlines Center Thursday night — he got a late start — and when the clock struck midnight, he was officially in overtime. TMZ has learned the arena fined him $6,500 for every 15 minutes he played past 12. Drizzy even told the crowd he was going over, and he didn’t care if he had to pay. He ended up performing until 12:35, so the show’s gonna cost Drake an extra $13k. (TMZ)

Coincidentally, the rap star dissed rival Joe Budden at his Dallas show.

Drake appeared to turn up the heat during a “Summer Sixteen” tour stop in Dallas on Thursday by blatantly mocking the Slaughterhouse MC and his 2003 hit single, “Pump It Up.” While speaking to the audience during the show, Drake joked that he should have invited Budden to come out and lay down a rendition of his Just Blaze-produced track. (Complex)

"I should of brought Joe Budden up here and let him do "Pump It Up" One Time. F*** them ni**as." – Drake pic.twitter.com/boPz6zkJKC

— Nigel Int'l D. (@Nigel_D) July 22, 2016

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) July 22, 2016

Recently, Budden explained where his issues with Drake came from.

“He does that often to people,” Joe said referring to Drake sneak-dissing people on songs. “I’m such a big fan that I just know ‘and’ I’m a rapper. So I know when it’s happening. You not going to do it to me – I’m so insignificant compared to him that nobody will ever know. So it was my job to call it all out. I knew the media would say I’m crazy. I had to call it out because later on y’all will get it. It’s not my fault that the business side of things is making them take longer with the record. Me, never really had the best business. I’m on your a**. So I put that out. … I’m gonna be on his a** and he won’t do it again – Charlamagne, the part you’re missing is I got 20 Drake disses already somewhere holed up.” (“I’ll Name This Podcast Later”)

Earlier this week, Drake’s “No Shopping” collaborator French Montana downplayed the Budden feud.

“I don’t think we did that record thinking about Joe Budden,” Montana explained. “I don’t think we was in there thinking about anybody. I don’t think we ever went in the studio with negative energy, talking about somebody. We just work and have fun.” (MTV)

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