Pia - July 14, 2016

Flight Night 2016 Presents: A Convo With ZARZ THE ORIGIN

zarzWhat do you get when you mix wisdom with poetry? If you don’t know, but are interested in the outcome, you clicked on the right interview. Zarz The Origin is a rapper from Fort Greene, Brooklyn that spits knowledge and clever lyrics that sound amazing (but I guarantee you will have to replay his music more than once to fully understand his genius).

Check out our brief interview with Zarz The Origin below!

Make sure to come out to Flight Night 2016 TONIGHT at 8PM!

1) What are you looking forward to the most at Flight Night?

ZARZ: what I’m looking forward to the most at Flight Night is to see the look on people’s faces when I drop this unreleased ZARZ shit!

2) What do you think your fans will take away from your performance that night?

ZARZ: I think my fans will realize the fact that I’m back at it again and the fact that the pen never ran out of ink.


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