Jack Carenza - August 22, 2023

Gatson Releases Genuine EP “P Don’t Know I’m Dropping This”

Chicago emcee Gatson has marked his return with a vibrant new tape found only on audiomack titled P Don’t Know I’m Dropping This. The 4-track pack dropped August 19th and is accompanied by a heartfelt note from the lyrically-inclined rapper.


“After losing my dad I took a step back to get my mind right, but I finally got the feeling back.” 

The title references Gat’s manager Parrish Mitchell, implying that the two didn’t communicate about the drop, which isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s the unexpected pieces that carry the most weight. Sometimes music is as much therapy for the artist as it is for the listener. In this case, the result is a cohesive, candid portrayal of a man who is both in mourning and hopeful for an auspicious future.  


As should be expected from a Gatson EP, we’re blessed with a collection of soulful, golden-age instrumentation, which he navigates with ease. Profound stories that resonate, and lyrical prowess that breathes life into the storytelling components of the genre. 

P Don’t Know I’m Dropping This

P Don’t Know is laden with a variety of voice notes from close associates who are there to encourage Gatson through the challenging season of loss. These interludes intertwine seamlessly with candid storytelling, adding texture and personality. 

The first track, He Back features several of these, serving as a forward to Gat’s first verse, which goes hard! Early in the verse, he spits, “I’m tired of hearing the same flows, bout f*ckin’ the same hoes/bout sellin’ so much coke, but how? They still broke.”   

Set the Record Str8  addresses Gat’s personal loss, and speaks directly to his father and daughter, grappling with how to disclose that her grandfather’s not coming back. Rather than dwell on that thought, though, he turns his eyes to the future. With storytelling that touches on the state of hip-hop. Plus his own journey through this challenging time, and a forward-thinking vision of the community. It’s a track that lyrically evokes thoughts of Nas, moving rapidly from topic to topic in a logical sense. But where the delivery and flow feels almost reminiscent of Pac. 

GAWDZ is built on vulnerability. Gat looks inward on this one, even employing some autotune on the back half. The addition of some sonic elements we wouldn’t normally expect from him are effective in imparting more emotion. 

At the heart of P Don’t Know I’m Dropping This lies a powerful narrative of personal growth and resilience. Not only does it show Gatson’s skill, but also serves as a cathartic journey through his own life experiences. During a challenging time, we hope he was abe to find solace and strength through the project.