Jack Carenza - August 16, 2023

Producer DAZA Drops Debut Single “Solid” ft. Malik Elijah

Phoenix-based producer DAZA has linked up with a familiar name, Malik Elijah, on debut single, Solid. Over entrancing production, the MD-born rapper spits his trademark fiery, self-assured bars, setting the stage for DAZA’s upcoming album Scatter Brain. 


DAZA’s rite of passage production-wise began with a series of SoundCloud remixes and collaborations that have put him on the map. That potential is fully realized on Solid as he blends captivating melody with hard-hitting percussion. The end result is a beat that’s reminiscent of sound design from JID’s longtime producer Christo, with drums that remind us of Kendrick’s Backseat Freestyle.

And Malik wastes no time putting his imprint on a beat that begs to be sent back in a body bag. Elijah’s ability to command attention with his fervent delivery adds an extra layer of depth to the track. His lyrics come across with a raw authenticity. His confident persona is another example of what happens when conviction and dope flow converge. Several segments highlight the cadence and unique internal rhyme that separate Malik from most of the indie competition. “These syllables all natural, no silicone,” he raps, in a section that is particularly vivid in regard to word music.

But Elijah’s bars are anything but hollow. This is not just window dressing, or senseless bravado. Through brash language, and clever punchlines, the track comes across as a manifesto for his eminent fame. In one bar, he references his manager Creator K, essentially letting the people know that his rise is coming so fast that the only way to get in touch with him will be through his management.

Through Solidit’s easy to get excited about the future of both DAZA and Malik Elijah. Stay tuned for Scatter Brain as it’s almost certain to feature more compelling instrumentation, and dope guest features.