Jack Carenza - May 18, 2023

Malik Elijah Drops Birthday Banger ‘Greenlight’

Boston emcee Malik Elijah just doesn’t miss, releasing new bop Greenlight this Tuesday to celebrate his birthday. A perfect follow up to March EP Smoke Signal, this up-tempo and aggressive track demonstrates Elijah’s exceptional lyricism and talent for crafting catchy melodies.

Building on the success of his previous projects, Elijah’s stock continues to rise through his one-of-a-kind studio charisma and undeniable artistry. Greenlight stands out as a more energetic record than we’re used to seeing from the Maryland-born star, but does not, for one second, sacrifice wordplay or lyricism in the name of hype.

“I don’t slow down for the yellow, that don’t settle good in my soul…”

Produced by Matt Sanger, this beat goes hard! Serving as the backbone for Elijah’s dynamic vocals. The melody is electrifying and driving bass lines, infectious drum patterns push forward a song that without doubt screams GO. And the emcee takes that cue to heart, easily finding the pocket, and riding the beat with remarkable control. Impeccable breath control allows Malik to deliver lyrics with clarity and precision, creating impact through powerful storytelling and wordplay.

This is complemented by dynamic vocal layering. Elijah skillfully weaves multiple vocal tracks, intertwining them to create a rich and textured listening experience. In similar fashion, this creative approach adds depth and complexity to the song, allowing Elijah’s voice to soar and harmonize with precision. Each layer showcases his versatility and range, elevating the overall impact of the track. Made even more powerful through rich lyricism.

Elijah’s words convey a resolute mindset. One that stops for nobody, reflecting a refusal to let obstacles hinder his path to success. Through his poignant storytelling and razor-sharp wordplay, Elijah’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of his relentless pursuit of his dreams.

“More power, I want a lot of it, more flowers, I need an abundance/can’t cower, when the mind is on hunting.”

With lines that exude confidence and self-assurance, he asserts his unwavering commitment to his craft. Emphatically clarifying that he will not be swayed or slowed down by anyone or anything. Subsequently, Greenlight serves as an anthem for those who refuse to be held back, inspiring listeners to embrace their own strength and persevere against all odds.