Marco Plus and Chris Patrick Elevate with New Single “Lift Me Up”

Marco Plus Chris Patrick Lift Me Up

Atlanta emcee Marco Plus has enlisted New Jersey rhyme slayer Chris Patrick on a dynamic collaborative track titled Lift Me Up, which reached all streaming services last Friday. The new track is a powerful testament to both artists’ exceptional talent, showcasing superb beat selection and a potent display of lyrical prowess. 

Through exceptional delivery and witty songwriting, Plus and Patrick have proven to be an explosive tandem. One that, frankly, we’d love to hear more of. All indications point to the single finding a home on Marco Plus’ upcoming album Sparco 2

Lift Me Up

Right from the jump, Lift Me Up captivates with its infectious beat, merging classic hip-hop elements with a contemporary touch. The melody is so riveting, we can’t quite tell if it’s a flute or some kind of whistle, but damn it’s hot. The track oozes with energy, courtesy of the skillful production that perfectly complements the rappers’ vocal performances.

And of course, the emcees deliver in a big way. From Marco Plus’s smooth and melodic cadence to Chris Patrick’s fiery and energetic approach, the duo displays a remarkable balance. The type that keeps a listener engaged from start to finish. The hook is catchy in a way that really creeps up on you, where hours later you find yourself singing “Lift me up, lift me up”. 

To keep it real, Marco’s verse is insane. So many quotable lyrics, switch-ups, and a cadence that purposefully drags at times. Just so he can prove that he can catch back up at a torrent pace. “A lot of n*ggas raps brainwash you and keep you in prison/I’m trying to change day by day, but I’m completely conditioned/I just know that I can’t be a statistic, so I’m tweaking my vision/the weakest decision could put you in the bleakest position.” 

Both artists exhibit impressive lyricism throughout, weaving together narratives that touch on their individual struggles. The condition of the world, and ultimately how the right people can help “Lift you up” from that. The honesty and authenticity in their songwriting allow listeners to connect with the emotions conveyed, but are balanced by potent wordplay. 

The Official Music Video for Lift Me Up was released with the single. Watch the gritty visuals here: 

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