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J. Cole Proves HeÔÇÖs Still A Beast With ÔÇÿJermaineÔÇÖs InterludeÔÇÖ

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Depending on where you get your information from, J. Cole is either a really good or really terrible rapper. While he’s sold out shows and famously gone platinum without any features on his last project, there still seems to be a few folks who think his music is the cure for insomnia. Whatever the case, Cole makes great music and shows as much on “Jermaine’s Interlude” which is hosted on DJ Khaled’s┬áMajor Key┬áalbum.

On “Jermaine’s Interlude,” the “Fayettenam” native takes aim at the music industry and the way tries to screw over the artists. Cole doesn’t want aspiring emcees to fall into the trap so he advises them to hold on to their artistic integrity regardless of what they’re being told by record labels.

“Tables do turn and labels do burn, the second they ask you to sell your soul Don’t you do it, don’t you fold,┬ásay fuck that shit and be bold Cuz all them stories you told, on records worth more than gold And if you never go gold, again at least you will know The end of your road was chose, by you and not companies Who control our remote control, and hide the truth from I know, but don’t mind me I’m just higher than Smoking weed and get by again No, actually I’m lying, cuz smoking it got me smiling”

The verse is half sung and half rapped but there’s a special sort of pain that is evident in Jermaine’s verse that makes all of the lyrics stand out. Regardless of how one feels about “light skin Jermaine” it’s clear that the boy is talented and his interlude only reinforces that notion.

DJ Khaled’s┬áMajor Key┬áwill be released at midnight.

J. Cole Proves HeÔÇÖs Still A Beast With ÔÇÿJermaineÔÇÖs InterludeÔÇÖ : UPROXX