Kentucky Ended Up Having To Self-Report A NCAA Violation Because Of Drake

The picture above features two men: former Kentucky point guard and 2016 Phoenix Suns draft pick Tyler Ulis, and noted Kentucky basketball fan Drake. The pair were hanging out last year, just minding their own business, having a good time, and unknowingly committing a minor NCAA violation.

According to SEC Country, this picture came from May of 2015, when Ulis got “preferential treatment” for going to an afterparty once a Drake show ended. Drake noticed Ulis┬ábecause he played basketball at Kentucky, which led to the pair taking a picture. Here’s the full violation:

Level III (non-suspension) violation: A violation of ÔÇ£preferential treatmentÔÇØ occurred when a UK player attended a Drake concert after-party and a member of the famous rapperÔÇÖs management team recognized the player and invited him back to say hello. UK compliance discovered it after the athlete ÔÇô whose name is redacted ÔÇô posted a photo on social media. Tyler Ulis, UKÔÇÖs started point guard at the time, posted a photo with Drake on Instagram the night of the concert, May 29, 2015, in his hometown of Chicago.

UK notes that Drake, an outspoken Kentucky basketball fan who has participated in Big Blue Madness at Rupp Arena, had no contact with the player before the concert and did not provide him or his friends tickets to the show or access to the after-party. No benefit, monetary or otherwise, was gained, the school said. ÔÇ£They merely said hello and took a picture.ÔÇØ The player was briefly declared ineligible but was reinstated on Oct. 14, 2015. He and his teammates were educated on preferential treatment legislation.

You may remember this story from earlier this year, when┬áKentucky reported the incident to the NCAA but the player’s name was anonymous. While many people thought┬áit was Ulis, no one knew exactly which player the report alluded to. Additionally, instead of having the NCAA reprimand the school for this violation, Kentucky decided to self-report and save itself the headache that could have came from something like this, even if a Level III violation is generally harmless.

As for Drake, it doesn’t seem like he’ll let this get in the way of his Wildcats fandom. He recently wore Kentucky gear while visiting the Texas women’s basketball team at their facility. While some of the women in Austin didn’t appreciate him wearing gear for another school in their facility, the team freaked out after he left because they just met Drake.

Totally normal occurrence with @Drake on the 40 Acres.

Props to @TexasWBB for keeping it ?.

ÔÇö Longhorn Network (@LonghornNetwork) July 20, 2016

At the very least, Drake didn’t decide to walk into Austin supporting his favorite college football team, because Texas A&M gear wouldn’t have gone over well at all. Anyway, keep on representing Big Blue Nation, Drake. Just don’t try to help out with recruiting, because┬áthe NCAA would really hate that.

(via SEC Country)

Kentucky Ended Up Having To Self-Report A NCAA Violation Because Of Drake : UPROXX

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