Lil Wayne Reminds Us ItÔÇÖs Another ÔÇ£F*ck Cash MoneyÔÇØ Day

Young Money boss Lil Wayne looks like he’s still not on solid terms with estranged Cash Money head Birdman after publicly showing his issues with the label this week in California.

Cameras spotted Wayne donning a “F**k Cash Money” hat outside in Los Angeles.

Lil Wayne’s wardrobe is now doing his trash-talking for him. Weezy’s favorite Birdman slam is emblazoned on a white hat he’s rocking in L.A. It’s a strong hint that Mr. Carter and the Cash Money honcho have made ZERO progress on settlement talks in Wayne’s $51 mil lawsuit. (TMZ)

In late June, Birdman explained why he would not e-beef with Wayne.

“I’m in it and I know what it is. And one thing about the social media is you can’t correct it. You gotta let it be what it be. It doesn’t even make no sense to even make a comment. It don’t make no sense. People are going to believe what they read so you gotta really know how to rock with that, know how to fall back and when to fall off. That’s how I like at it. [Social media?] I ain’t on it like that.” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood)

Previously asked about the Cash Money boss’ appearance on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” last month, Lil Wayne used some wordplay to clown the executive.

.@BIRDMAN5STAR talks his early years, sleeping on a million dollars ,& playing Lil Wayne in Madden for 10k a game

— Highly Questionable (@HQonESPN) June 28, 2016

Earlier this year, footage surfaced of Wayne going off on his record label and Baby.

“Before I go any further, I want y’all to know I got two new albums coming y’all way. Real quick, let me hear you say, ‘F*ck the bullsh*t.’ Say ‘F*ck the world.’ Say ‘F*ck the Birdman.’ And ‘F*ck Cash Money.’ … IÔÇÖm going through a lot of bullsh*t right now. These n*ggas got me in bars right now, they don’t want to see me make good music. I donÔÇÖt know what the f*ck’s going on, but f*ck them n*ggas and I just want you to know, if anything – if you thought for any second I gave a f*ck about it I can’t because I got people like y’all that still support me.”

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Lil Wayne Reminds Us ItÔÇÖs Another ÔÇ£F*ck Cash MoneyÔÇØ Day : SOHH

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