Miss Cleo Dead At 53

Former psychic personality Youree “Miss Cleo” Harris has reportedly passed away this week at the age of 53.

According to reports, Miss Cleo died Tuesday (July 26) morning in Palm Beach County, Florida.

We’re told she was recently hospitalized, but was discharged last week to a hospice center. We’re told Cleo was originally diagnosed with colon cancer … but it spread to her liver and lungs. The rep said Cleo remained a “pillar of strength” during her illness … and died surrounded by family and friends. (TMZ)

Rapper Childish Gambino name-dropped Miss Cleo on his song “Extraordinary.”

Gam-B, the one like Neo/You didn’t see it coming/Reverse Miss Cleo/I’m C-P30/Or better yet Anakin/When it comes to lightsaber’s that I’m handlin/I used to be king of the whack look

Rap veteran Ja Rule parodied Miss Cleo on his 2001 album Pain Is Love.

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